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Logging the Decline to End Of Life
(and a parallel set of Scalp messes)

and Honest

“If any part of the following mixture of truth and fiction strikes the reader as unconvincing, he has my permission to disregard it. I would be content to stick to the facts if there were any.”
from “So Long, See You Tomorrow,” by William Maxwell


This is
   The Frank M Sheffield

“We study play because life is crap. Life is crap, and it’s full of pain and suffering, and the only thing that makes it worth living — the only thing that makes it possible to get up in the morning and go on living — is play.
  —Brian Sutton-Smith, scholar

  I invite you to share a few experiences*

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  (and some Entry Lists) (and Course Diagrams)

Program Covers Thumbnails pages:
  1940s   1950 - 55    56 - 59    60 - 63   64 - 69   70s   80s
Riverside International Raceway F-5000/Continental

>>-------->>>>>>>>>> Take a peek at another nostalgia obsession:
  Riverside International Raceway pictures      

And another: Tom Cardin's early-Fifties California Racing photos
  (Long page now transformed into an Album Page

Links to 8mm racing-oriented films and/or
Driver's-eye 8mm Views of numerous racetracks
  and some (exterior) slalom reels
See the Auxiliary Site                                                 Motor Racing Circuits Database
  for Driver's-eye frames from 8mm videos:
GIF: Click to go to RIR lap fraomes, WIR, OMS GIF: Click to go to OMS lap frames, Tijuana, and HAIR GIF: HAIR logo  CLICK to go to a Holtville page   

Racing-oriented pages

09-17-2022: Brighton 1907 Auto Races are a page now
08-02-2022: New Page: IMSA RIR May 1975 AUTOWEEK Reports
04-16-2022: Re-connected LARGE versions of Don's 1959/1960 Times GP pics
04-09-2022: Riverside "Pre-Grand Prix-Filming" Pages more-or-less organized
02-19-2022: Found and added some Bill Bean Photos from Early 50s, Paradise Valley (or Mesa?)
02-17-2022: Recovered and posted some PEOPLE, PLACE, VEHICLE photos from
                      Paramount Ranch Fab Fifties
Concours d'Provenance of April 16, 2005
(Annotations to be added as time permits)
01-19-2022 Added a newspaper clipping to the Hansen Dam Program Page of June, 1955
12-10-2021: (Stole/Borrowed Program Scans from Martin Spetz)
                    1953-06-28 Stockton Sports Car Races
11-17-2021: Added dashplaques to a few program pages, and an entry blank to one
                  (As far as I can tell...)
11-02-2021: Completed transformation of the long Tom Cardin Photos Page to an Album
10-29-2021: Created Ken Miles Page (Photos and articles)
10-27-2021: Torrey Pines July, 1955 Program
             Road&Track's Oct., 1955 racing event reports
                    (Check the Then and Now value of those used cars
                     in the Marketplace adverts: Inflation calculator)
10-26-2021: Santa Barbara May, 1965 Pics reconnected
             March Air Force Base, Edgemont, California, November, 1953 reattached
             Willow Springs May, 1954, Cover and Entry Lists
             Callendar Field, Louisiana, July, 1955
10-25-2021: Created a Racers Reunion (at Parnelli's, 05-01-2004) Page
10-24-2021: Program Santa Barbara September, 1953 reconnected
HONK! magazine Chino haybale race report Hooked up  >>>
10-19-2021: Vaca Valley August, 1961 program reattached
10-10-2021: Recovered and reconnected Riverside First Nationals of November, 1957
10-09-2021: FIRST Riverside International Motor Raceway CSCC Races Program reconnected
             Times Grand Prix, October, 1958 reconnected
10-08-2021: - RIVERSIDE Road Races - FEB 25-26 1961 program connected
10-03-2021: Bakersfield May 1955 Program is complete (Includes #123, James Dean)
                   And, Santa Barbara Sept 1955 Program (with #233 James Dean)
10-02-2021: Re-attached Large Pages of Palm Springs March, 1955 Program
             8mm films of (more than) MGs at Carlsbad
                   Visited Towngate Community Center Web site;  
                    the RIR memorabilia is no longer posted on the entry-way wall
10-01-2021: Retrieved large versions of Del Mar 1964 race photos

Providing a link to Terlingua Racing Team interests:

Pre-9-28-2021 and earlier adjustments are on Page"NEWESTS"

Non-racing-oriented pages

Go to "Newest on the Site" for the extended list...

07-29-2022: Parks AFB bus v. car incident from SHORPY.com
07-16-2022: Usage Speed Bumps that jar me ...

06-26-2022: AsMan MDB Access
06-15-2022: ESAS Page
0 5-08-2022: Compiled and Alphabetized the List of My Co-Workers' Names from 1963 to 1974
04-28-2022: BOB MUNNS WEB PAGE Liberated, moved to Network Solutions host
01-03-2022: Created a fourth Little Rock Air Fore Base page
12-19-2021: Made a page showing the AssetManage workspace with a "Totals" window displayed
12-16-2021: Page of Joseph A Hnat's Sidi Slimane photos
12-12-2021: Reinstituted access to the remainder of Joe Hnat's Little Rock AFB photos
11-30-2021: Added some commentary and a BIG-ON-CLICK feature to Juvenile Hall Dedication Photos
11-27-2021: Added images of current Wall-mounted Model Cabinets status
11-20-2021: Added a few flourishes to the Bumblebee/Ortega page
10-15-2021: Adjusted Tesla On-Location photos To Thumbnails-Full-On Photos

10-14-2021: Adjusted 1954 Torrance High School Annual Thumbnails-To-full-on Photos
10-12-021: Some adjustments to the Parks AFB Basic and Stories -01- and -02- Pages
Interesting Photo goes to the top of the list: 1954 activity at Parks AFB.
             Contact Brad Shirakawa if you can offer any helpful information

08-13-2021: Found (and re-linked) a Models page I hadn't seen since 2014: intended as a prototype for others
06-18-2021: Restored a few of the "lost" Models Cabinets images, for better viewing
<< Links to my Mustangs information/pictures and to my Mustang history >>

*Experiences include but are not limited to: Torrance High School; UCR; Lotus, MGB, MGB/GT Tiny GIF of MG logo, Chevy Vega, other auto racing; notes on motorsports at nostalgic Riverside International Raceway GIF: Click to go to RIR lap fraomes, Ontario Motor Speedway GIF: Click to go to OMS lap frames, Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway GIF: HAIR logo  CLICK to go to a Holtville page, Tijuana, Torrey Pines, Palm Springs, Pomona, San Diego Stadium, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, other historic Southern California sports car racetracks, and Sebring, FL; contacts with Richard Boone (Paladin), Mario Andretti, James Garner, Steve McQueen, Rick Mears, Paul Newman, Stirling Moss, Dick Smothers, Peter Deuel, and others at SCCA, IMSA, Formula One, Formula 5000, and CART races and race tracks; Bob Munns; Miss USA; Mamie Van Doren; cars I've been in since 1937 (Morris Minor 1000, et alii); 1:43-scale diecast model cars; a 1999 Hollywood movie I was in; another Hollywood movie I was in January 19, 2007; animal companions (Mexican Hairless Xoloitzquintli, Shih Tzu, Sheltie, Border Collie, Welsh Corgi, Indian Ringneck Parakeet); Mexico, Glacier Park, Grafton, UT (Butch Cassidy ghost town), Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Vermilion Cliffs, Yosemite, on Route 66; Little Rock Jazz; PARKS AFB; Little Rock Air Force Base; School Days; work. Vintage racing photos

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Little Rock Air Force Base, 1957.
Picture was taken by Jim Hunt. HP PhotoSmart™ scan.
Cleaning up the recently-purchased 1953 MG TD 2 after a 1700-mile eventful drive from Los Angeles.
In Albuquerque two of the Unser boys (Al and Bobby) spent a disdainful hour diagnosing
an oil-pressure anomaly after closing time
on a September Saturday.
They charged $10.00 for their trouble.
The consensus was: No problemo...
     And so it was.


  GIF: MG logo-centric pages:

Del Mar Fairground

GIF: HAIR logo  CLICK to go to a Holtville page

GIF: Click to go to OMS lap frames

Palm Springs

Pomona Fairground

  GIF: RIR logo   CLICK to go to an RIR entry page
San Diego Stadium

Santa Barbara

Sebring, FL

Tijuana Airport

Tijuana Playas

Torrey Pines

Willow Springs
1953 MGTD:

Early photos

As a scale model

On Route 66:
Arizona desert
New Mexico desert

At University


MG Bs:

1964 B LeMans
1:43 scale Model

1967 Bs posed
a Pair

1967 B Tourer
at Carlsbad
& Holtville

1967 B Tourer
on Riverside International Raceway, 1968
GIF: RIR logo  CLICK to go to Turn Seven page

Santa Maria

State Slalom

Enduro Racing

Playas de Tijuana
Beach Racing

1967 B/GT
on street and track

MG B Models
a cabinet-full

in (Old) Print

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