San Diego County Juvenile Hall Dedication
Monday, June 21, 1954

"In 1954, the average daily attendance of the Anthony Home was 115. Juvenile Hall was completed at a price of $1,250,000 in 1954. Dedication ceremonies occurred on Monday, June 21, 1954. A tour followed. Ninety-one wards were transferred from the Anthony Home to Juvenile Hall on June 30, 1954. After the move, the Anthony Home’s maximum-security unit served as an adult jail and the school served mentally handicapped children. The original Kearny Mesa Juvenile Hall included five units with a designed capacity of 111, but could accommodate up to 160 with double bunking. Three units were designed for 68 boys and two units were designed to house 43 girls. The Evening Tribune reported experts called it the finest juvenile detention facility in the United States at the time. Juvenile Hall incorporated all the latest advancements in juvenile detention facilities including: concrete construction, a visual control point, a centralized kitchen, heated carts eliminating the need for a large dining room, individual units, and separate classrooms and play yards from the living unit."

Another article, San Diego Union Tribune, Feb.14, 2009

Yet another: County Government, in response to Glenn L. Durden's question
                                                   in Facebook's "Growing Up In San Diego" group

These images are scans from 35mm slides given to me by a member of the Juvenile Hall staff. He had found them in trash gathered when a Counselor station was renovated. My guess is these were the culls from a roll of Kodachrome. The missing frames had to have been better than what we see here. The good ones have survived, somewhere, I hope.

I had posted the pictures in a FotoTime album, and had put a link here, but FotoTime evaporated and took everything with it. Thank goodness for a Backup Habit.

A click on a picture will yield a larger version; a second click will release an even BIGGER view.
I'd be delighted to put up any information and anecdotes, and especially identifications of the dignitaries and guests appearing in the photos.

If you'll look closely near the left edge of the BIGGER picture, you'll see
the colorful bandanas of Boy Scouts who were there to raise the flag.
You'll also appreciate they're living their motto, "Be Prepared":
Brought some chairs, didn't they?

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