Seems these eBaY-found photos were made the weekend of 13th December, 1952:
The entries correspond to those listed in the program HERE

Image   Car No.    Make    Engine Cap. in cc    Owner     Driver City

01 -      61     Simca Spl.     1099S     International Mtrs.     Louis Van Dyke     L, A.

02 -      Showing appeaerance of photos from the Ebay-found albums

03 -      90     Jaguar XK120     3442     Cy Painter     Same     Laguna Beach
                   Unknown dark Spl.      Right turn from westerly straight to Start-Finish straight

04 -      Crop from 03

05 -      37     Cannon MKI     4490     Ted Cannon     James M. Seely     N. Hollywood

06 -      Stuck in the vernal pool mud   Mesa Mint, be on the alert!

07 -      1     Edwards R-62     5440     Sterling Edwards     (none listed)     San Francisco

08 -      Crop from 07

09 -      33     O. S. C. A.     1096     Ranold MacDougall     Same     Canoga Park

10 -      Unk     MG TC     Several to choose from     Dark car, perhaps an Allard (positive camber)?

11 -      Crop from 10

12 -      Unk dark car     6     Manning Spl. 4260     Charles G. Manning     Same     Los Angeles

13 -      Crop from 12

14 -   Pre-grid    33     O. S. C. A.         1096     Ranold MacDougall     Same     Canoga Park
                    120    Cunningham-C-2     5424     Irving Robbins, Jr.    Same & Jack Barrows     Palo Alto

15 -      Crop from 14

16 -      43     Morgenson Spl.     5426     R. C. Morgenson     Same     Phoenix, Ariz.

17 -      Crop from 16     Anyone you know?

18 -      6      Manning Spl.            4260     Charles G. Manning     Same     Los Angeles
           3      Jaguar XK120 Spl.     3800     Donald Parkinson       Same     Los Angeles
          76      Jaguar XK120          3442     Cy Painter              Same      Laguna Beach

19 -      1     Edwards R-62          5440     Sterling Edwards     (none listed)     San Francisco
           3     Jaguar XK120 Spl.     3800     Donald Parkinson      Same            Los Angeles  

20 -      Crop from 19

21 -      3     Jaguar XK120 Spl.     3800     Donald Parkinson      Same            Los Angeles
                 Unknown dark car 

22 -      Crop from 21

23 -      2     Jaguar XK 120-C     3442     Charles Hornburg, Jr.     Phill Hill     Santa Monica

24 -      Crop from 23

25 - Pre-gird   1     Edwards R-62         5440     Sterling Edwards          (none listed)     San Francisco    
                  3x?  Unknown coupe     
                 64     Wayne-Nardi Coupe     3955     J. Perona & H. Warner   William Kerrigan     L. A.

26 -      Crop from 25

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