In each of these representations
a click on the visible image
will yield a larger one; another click
will reveal an even larger, more legible view


Picture of the Base "House" display, showing beginning format, location of Columns, and columns that are present.The entire display fits in the two-monitor window, "Image" and "Asset#" on the left, "PlacedintoService" at the far right. This is what is seen upon normal opening of the AssetManage Standard 2020 program.


Shows Preferences/Columns popup where it normally appears; this is with its right edge at the right edge of Monitor One. Another opportunity to review the presence/absence of columns, and their order before attempting adjustment.


Preferences popup dragged to a position easier for me to use.


Preferences popup with Columns selected, and with "Number Made" moved up from near the right side to just after "Manufacturer".


After choosing "OK" in the Preferences box, "Number Made" has moved to the desired position, "PlacedintoService" moved from last column position to newly selected location. Changes held through several Exit-Open actions. All the above were in an uninterrupted normal Opening display in Location "House".


Display after selecting "View By" -> double-click "Queries" -> "Ford". Notice: Selection column at left is too narrow to reveal full text of choices; several columns at right end are not visible without scrolling farther; truncated column headings for "Warranty..." data, which I have tried to delete without success. I can narrow the entire data display by dragging closed the unwanted columns, but that seems a sloppy solution.


"Columns" box relocated, indicates the "Cost" column has been moved ahead of "Current Value"; other move selections do not appear in the box's window; several unwanted columns ("W" "Wa...") deleted from the in-use columns list. The "OK" button is highlighted.


Other moves shown, several unwanted columns ("W" "Wa...") deleted from the in-use columns list, several more will be "Deleted" before continuing. The "OK" button is highlighted.


After a click on "OK" the display is unchanged from the original ("F."). Instructions have not been carried out, no changes have occurred nor been saved. Numerous iterations of these attempts, in single sessions or in separate Exit-open-Queries-modify events.


Verifies that the Preferences Column adjustment list is basically unchanged, as is the presence/absence and order of columns.

I can live with the popups popping up in inconvenient locations,
but would like to nail them down in my preferred places.
It would be much less confusing to make the Columns
appearance/absence and order seen in
Queries and Location displays match.

Looks as if the "Delete" choice in Queries is grayed-out when the query is empty (No entries)
or the search facility can't find one or another of necessary components.

This is all you can get on some Queries,
and the Delete is grayed out in the choice column.
What can you do?

I remember that it was expected that the total of items in a Query view
appeared in one or another of the horizontal bars in the display.
Discontinued? Why? Now I have to choose Tools -> Show Totals...
(and move the popup to a useful location) to see how many of the
selected items there are. It would be useful tho include the Query name
in the "Totals for Selected Items" line of the popup.
Just another irritant. Or two.

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