Three of my own photos

Photo: Sunflower from Type R print      Photo: Squash blossom from color negative

"Sunflower" is an HP 4P scan of an 8X10 Type R print from a 35mm slide; "Squash Blossom" was scanned from a 35mm color negative in the PhotoSmart™; "Mortimer" was captured by CyberLink's PowerDVD™. 

Bob "Mortimer" Munns from the computer DVD screen         Monochrome photo: Air Force Bob on table

The man on the left is actor Robert Munns, in his "Mortimer" character from the movie "Doc Hollywood." He and I were roommates in the Air Force ahemty-some years ago. Bob is on the table in our barracks room at Little Rock Air Force Base, during his pre-professional-acting days. The sign behind his head says, "Help Stamp Out People."

The color image of Bob was made by capturing a DVD image of the "Doc Hollywood" movie running on my computer and displayed on the monitor. The one below is a scene from "Forever Young," when Bob, as "Wrong Harry," is face to face with Mel Gibson. He has just finished saying a line that he improvised and they left in the final version. Same DVD capture technique. Will wonders never cease?

Photo: Bob Munns as "Wrong Harry" in the movie "Forever Young," with Mel Gibson.

See these and other shots of Bob on screen
at the Robert Munns pages and at
Robert Munns, Actor

In May, 1999, I was in a short festival-bound movie with Bob and a couple of soap opera stars, including Sonia Satra. She has her own "Elegant Rebel" pages here. I understand she is well-known as "Lucy" in one of her roles.

You could see Anne Marie Howard in John Carpenter's "Prince Of Darkness", and in "Blue Streak," the Martin Lawrence comedy; in the past few weeks she showed up as the One-minute Maalox Lady in TV commercials. You can see her in those roles, here. She has her own Web site here.

I couldn't find pictures of the others, although many of them show up in the Internet Movie Database. The movie is there now, too. So is Your OBedient Servant.

07-19-00: I received a nice invitation to a screening of Two Short Films, one of which is "My (Friend's) Love Affair." I'm excited.

07-31-00: It was fun, on 07-26-00. The screenings were at the American Film Institute near an edge of Griffith Park. All the principals and Meredith Baxter were there. The film was good, but they left my life-size bit on the floor of the cutting room. Geneva recognized my Ken-doll™-size profile in the fuzzy background. They edited out some scenes that set up a running theme that would have lent more weight to Bob's speech in the last scene. He was more convincing than the four "stars."

Bob was fun and funny, as usual, and his wife, Dianne, charming and witty. They made Geneva feel comfortable at once, and we did enjoy each other's company for the short time before we all headed home to get a little rest before Thursday's routine: Geneva and Diane have jobs; Bob was going out on an audition; I don't remember what I had to do, but I didn't.

"Crazy Connected Thing" was the other film. Ten or so minutes and very entertaining, by the woman who did "The Blair Princess Project," best of the "...Witch..." send-ups.   The Blair Princess Project
 (Another dead link, I fear)

04-29-2022: Now for a relatively new link:
How Nikola Tesla Popped My Cherry
2011 TV-MA 11min

January, 2007, it says. I remember it well. Not as well as I used to. Fortunately, I have some photos, which help a lot... (Click an image to see a large version)

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