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You can turn off the sound in these primitive transfers if it annoys you.

To those who are used to fast-Mustang speeds, the in-car stuff might look like slow-motion, but take my word for it: they were made as fast as I could get us to go. All taken from a Chevrolet VEGA Kammback (two-door station wagon) in the early 1970s. In case it's not obvious, you'll get a chance to travel around Ontario Motor Speedway, Riverside International raceway, Old Tijuana Airport, and Old Holtville, all tracks that are now defunct, dead, they have rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. These are ex-racing tracks.

The Tijuana Airport film is jumpy and gets stuck some, because the actual acetate was a poorly executed copy of the original, which I mistakenly gave away.

RIR "Bonzai" slalom, Turn Seven w/ MGB/GT 14:19 http://imemories.us/2fTi14T

RIR Motor Trend January 1967 NASCAR wet then dry 12:53 http://imemories.us/2fS08mY

RIR Booster day? "July 1974" I have no idea who the boy on the bridge is. 3:19 http://imemories.us/2fSiCnk

RIR Some Formula racers; Morton, Allison 510s; Turn Six 5:15 http://imemories.us/2fSYoK0 "Family Film 62"

RIR VEGA wagon Solo 2-17-73 http://imemories.us/2hPrXwL

Can-Am 1972 A better transfer, without the sound (five URLs):




RIR Rain 1 http://imemories.us/2hy0MGp

RIR Rain 2 http://imemories.us/2uvhpE8

RIR laps http://imemories.us/2hrPWBR

OMS lap http://imemories.us/2wbbWEB

Old TJ Airport Race http://imemories.us/2hsr2C9

Willow Laps http://imemories.us/2hs2qJM

Santa Barbara Sept 1967? Tony Viedma course deviation. http://imemories.us/2gLonTR

Santa Barbara, Sept 1967? http://imemories.us/2vD8T6L

RIR 1967 gamut of classes; I ride the crash truck at the start 10:13 http://imemories.us/2iemrUp

Willow Springs, March 1967 Couple of Formula Bs, couple of Corvettes, a 904, looks like Guldstrand's Camaro... http://imemories.us/2vDnqj9

Corvettes at T7, Riverside 1968 or so http://imemories.us/2gLvYBF

Old Racers at Long Beach, 1976 http://imemories.us/2vvBw61

Albums: Trans-Am 1967 and ARRC 1966 1:54 and 3:56 http://imemories.us/2vp9sB4

Trans-Am 1967 1:54 http://imemories.us/2ulH464

ARRC 1966 Small Deene Brengle appearance http://imemories.us/2ulNy4N

Small Formula, small production races ARRC? 1966? 3:42 http://imemories.us/2vDAnct

Small Formula, A Sedan + GT40, small production, RIR 1967-68? http://imemories.us/2gLt7bS

RIR Turn Seven, gamut of production, modified, formula racers; last minute or so speeded up by low battery power "Family Film 81" 12:27 http://imemories.us/2ieSpAc

Motorcycle racers RIR T7 1967? 21 seconds http://imemories.us/2vDnU8I

Tecate event, incl Mickey Pleasant v. Don Devendorf; MGB/GT:

May Co two Vettes. http://imemories.us/2vDHrpC

May Co. slalom w/ Corvettes, Fred Puhn TF MG @ 3:10 http://imemories.us/2i814o0

May Co Corvettes http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/4405386a-d1a3-4bbb-abce-9746658202fe/1330685

GLAS Coupe, Grey MG/GT http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/4ea5d88a-d959-46f5-9788-478fa43b03e0/1330693

Cobra Elva MKIV, Vettes http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/4b25bbd9-9833-41a6-9001-868eafea613c/1330696

MGB/GT http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/9ef194ac-96cb-4fe2-b2e9-9d21789693de/1330698

More May Co., Doc Thompson v. Mickey Pleasant + light blue spitfire + white Healey 100 a Vette

CatTracks slalom Unk location lots of Lotus elan plus Mickey and Doc 3:18 http://imemories.us/2fTW19K

Slalom Southwestern College "Try it..." 7:14 http://imemories.us/2fS08mY

El Cajon Slalom with Lotus Elan http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/8ac8ecca-a32d-4024-9e32-a65a77134ce5/1330681

Maybe 8/67 Seb Slal Cajon Speedway 7/67 May Co TF http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/901f9eca-5a7d-4f70-8e14-19c3ec289aa5/1330683

Cajon Speedway slalom (Same as previous [Came back])

Practice slalom at Bullring By The Sea

Long Beach 1975 old cars http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/a222c9fc-34bb-4ba7-b0db-dc9d4f72a717/1330926

Vega Coupe Ontario Black Numbers http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/ca08ee3f-3487-4c99-8186-b5b136e5b6f9/1335620

Vega Coupe Ontario Black numbers Bad film http://imemories.us/2tmq7aP http://imemories.us/2tmrpTk trimmed

Vega Coupe Ontario White numbers FADED, OOF http://imemories.us/2tmmrpw

Vega Coupe Ontario White numbers Better film. http://imemories.us/2tmnhm7 (same as next)

Sandy Coupe OMS white numbers 01:52 http://imemories.us/2v2TCLP (same as previous)

Vega wagon Ontario SLALOM http://imemories.us/2tmi0el

RIR Porsches On Car Carrier (16 sec.) http://imemories.us/2uZKpnK

Vega Coupe Turn Six RIR Sandy short clip http://imemories.us/2uOFVEu

Holtville starts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaBCwcyTYJk&feature=youtu.be

Holtville Activity http://imemories.us/2ukbaDg

Vegabonds at the beach http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/87b8bacd-47b2-48a9-a739-a2fe8fa8f17d/1335621

San Bernardino visit http://imemories.us/2eGrvQo
Reynosos visit; Mission Bay beach http://imemories.us/2fSB4Mp

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