A February 09, 2005 note from David Rothenberger:

I don't know that I can offer more information on RIR than you already know. I just really appreciate this web site. You have provided me with my own memory lane of sorts. Here are a few of my experiences:

My father worked at the raceway for the last 12 years of his life, and RIR was my playground for all those years. I often went with him to work, especially in the summer time when there was no school. On race weekends I spent most of the week up to the race at the track because of all the qualifying, practices, etc.

I learned how to drive at the track and even crashed my Dad's company truck while goofing arround with my brother. I also learned how to drive a tractor and a bus if you can believe that!

I painted the ripple strips on the insides of turns, and walls on pit road. I jack hammered asphalt on the back straight near 7A. I took my skateboard and rode it down turn six towards the esses, and crashed because I wasn't prepared for the speed caused by the elevation of the turn.

Before one race weekend we waited for Bobby Allison to land his plane on the back straight, than picked up Bobby and Donnie Allison, as well as Neil Bonnett and drove them to the main office on the track.

I walked, biked and skate boarded arround much of the property, and found some denomination of money every time I was at the track the largest find being a $20.00 bill.

We were able to take little league teams I was on and their families to races and sit in the esses.

I could go on and on, but I will spare you the slide show.

My brother could give you a list of his own like the day Michael Andretti drove him home from the track when my Dad had to stay late.
[02-14-05I have this in a note from brother Matthew: " ... On David Rothenberger's notes: I was given a ride home from the track by MARIO ANDRETTI, (He was there for testing with the Alfa Romeo Formula One team, 1982, I believe) not Michael Andretti. Please update for accuracy ... " ] My sisters may even have more to offer as they spent a good amount of time out there too.

We became fast friends with a family when we realized that the Raceway was a common intrest of ours. Their Dad was on the pit crew of an obscure NASCAR driver named Buddy Arrington, but only when they came west.

I have many great memories of that wonderful place, and my interest of racing has not been the same since it closed in 1988. My Dad died in 1984 but I would work at the raceway in the VIP tower behind the start/finish line until the last race.

Well, I am starting to ramble now, but if you would like to correspond I would be happy to. I now live in Arizona, but my family is still in Riverside.

Thanks again.


David Rothenberger


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