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Arnolt-Bristols: then, and then, and now

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Thumbnail: Lee Raskin's Arnolt-Bristol at Summit Point, WV, late 80s
This is the original shot, one I found and adopted after a google for "Arnolt-Bristol". The owner (of the photo, and of the car) found it here, and very graciously allowed me to continue using it. Lee Raskin, thank you.

Lee said the photo was taken at Summit Point, WV, in the late 80s.

Thumbnail: Lee raskin's Arnolt Bristol at Sebring, 1995

In 1995 Lee arrayed the Arnolt-Bristol as a replica of René Dreyfus' #58 car, as raced at Sebring in 1955. And what did Lee do then? Raced the car at Sebring!

Thumbnail: photo of René Dreyfus' Arnolt-Bristol at Sebring, 1955

And here is another photo Lee sent, this one of René Dreyfus' #58 car, as raced at Sebring in 1955. This is the kind of thing that makes an old racer's (and fan's) heart beat faster and happier. Thank you for the history and the photos, Lee.

An aside: you can see some of the other things Lee does by following this link to and checking out the VHS area for a video he wrote and produced: JAMES DEAN At High Speed. It is very informative and well-done, and quite entertaining. One man who raced against Dean is a principal interviewee: Bill Watkins, another Arnolt-Bristol owner. That's his car, below, pictured at the Fabulous Fifties' Paramount Ranch reunion, October, 2002.

Thumbnail: Bill Watkins' Arnolt-Bristol at Paramount Ranch, October, 2002

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