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The Third Thursday Irregulars

Thumbnail: Third Thursday Irregulars in 1999

Here you see me with a few of my co-retirees, previously co-laborers in the Department of Function, County of Paradise, California. A group of truly good guys.

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Thumbnail: Third Thursday Irregulars, 2000            Thumbnail: Third Thursday Irregulars, 2000, second view

Here we are again, a few months later. Not much change. A couple of additions, and those who are not here are absent by choice. You may find it hard to believe, but the bearded man in each picture is not the same person. In the left one, Bill Swank, eminent Padres historian; in the right, Your OBedient Servant.

An update, about fifteen years later: of the men in the photos, just one is still with us.

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One of these fellows moved to a city famous for its import:  London Bridge. Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The remainder are still San Diego County residents. Here's your chance to see something about one of the reasons we're here:

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