Grafton, Utah: abandoned town

Thumbnail: Butch, Etta, and the house;   from DVD computer screen    
©1969 Campanile Productions, Inc. and Twentieth Century Film Corporation, renewed ©1997 all rights reserved
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Entrance to a house seen in the 1969 movie,"Butch Cassidy..." Cropped from a 1989 slide taken by a family member.  You can see how much of the 35mm frame this is.  HPPhotoSmart.  It works.

You can visit this and the others featured around the "Raindrops..." scenes, in Grafton, Utah. It's at the end of a dirt road leading south and west from the access highway that goes to the west entrance of Zion National Park. You can't actually see the one Miss Ross lived in, since someone burned it down a couple years before we visited it in 1989.

It is a ghost town. Like most such it has a nearby cemetery. Very touching to read the inscriptions on the grave stones. "Kilt by injuns, age 3." The land in these places holds mysteries and answers, and you can hear them if you listen.

--> We went to Grafton again, Thanksgiving weekend 2001. Look what we found there:  New Grafton Pages

I'm afraid that some of my "holy places" are gone now, too.  Riverside is all condos and malls, like Ontario. The Playas de Tijuana course was taken by natural forces: a storm at sea washed away the westernmost street. Some of the ghosts may be audible there. I don't think there is much chance any will be heard at Riverside or Ontario.

Shucks. Double shucks.

Grafton UT: Abandoned town
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