The Indicator Digit comes into Play

    Why is Rick Mears pointing at us?          
Somewhere I have a nice thank-you note from the lady in the lavender shirt; I had sent her a copy of a picture I made a few minutes later in this "Behind the scenes" tour of the San Diego Zoo. In that photo she was carrying two young Meerkats, of whom she was obviously very fond. 
Rick Mears, to whom I referred in connection with racing at H.A.I.R.,
Scan: 4time Indy winner Rick Mears pin with Penske raceris owner of the indicator pointed our way. I bet neither he nor his companion realized they had Valvoline surrounded and highlighted between their fingers.
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The identity of the faceless pointers in these photos is not significant.
(Unless they come forward to say who they are.) The other pointers are the major players.

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