Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

On the boulder stands Margarita. We are a few hundred yards below the summit of Going To The Sun Highway in Glacier Park. The north end of the Rocky Mountain escarpment (the "Garden Wall") in the background may be in Canada. I believe the peak is Mount Gould (9669 ft.) which overlooks Grinnell Glacier and Grinnell Lake, on its other side. Scan from a print.

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There is a visitor center up the road to our right. The Continental Divide runs right through it. Que, the Shih Tzu who was travelling with us, conducted a little experiment: he lifted his leg and made a mark on the line. By now half of that mark is in the Pacific Ocean, the other half in the Gulf of Mexico.

Within a few minutes of the time we took this picture, the sun was obscured and there were some snow flurries. We went back down to West Glacier, enjoying the drive with its spectacular views. We saw numerous Rocky Mountain goats, and stood next to a man who said he saw a bear way up on the side of the mountain. We didn't see it, although he said it was in plain sight. Maybe in his head.

By the time we reached West Glacier, the sun had reappeared and we could sit and drink in the scenery and watch passing traffic, which included a freight train rolling smartly to the west.


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