Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
Thumbnail: View toward the North Rim from a Grand Canyon overlook, with figures

Looking past one of the ramparts on the South Rim, toward the North Rim, which is more than a thousand feet higher. On the trip that James Brown and I made in May, 1960, we made it a point to be at this place at sunrise. There was a couple whose age I judge to be about the same as my current. The man looked left, looked right, looked across and down, and said, "That's it? That's all there is to it?" and stalked off to their car. I must admit, I had hoped for a little more color, but the angles were not right until later, and I felt we needed to be on our way.

Thumbnail:  Looking down on clouds and patches of snow at the South Rim

A little farther to the west, and we can look down on some clouds while standing on solid ground. The white patches are snow. On the way to this view point we came through a patch of fog and rain, and encountered several deer grazing casually by the side of the road. They seemed unperturbed by our presence, and did not move as I slowed and took a picture (it was too dark to use here).

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