Guadalupe Navarro


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Thumbnail: photo of Lupe and Margarita on an elephant
Here's Guadalupe riding an elephant in front of Margarita. Del Mar Fair, maybe 1991.

(Strange, how much that elephant looks like a Zoo camel...)

Click the picture to see a larger version.

Lupe is tough, tender, independent, smart, private, giving, thoughtful, loving, and someday will be owner of her own business. Right now she is a manager for an office supplies firm with branches in Tijuana, BCN, Mexico, San Diego, and California.

Thumbnail: Margarita and Guadalupe Navarro riding a Zoo camel (dont' let anyone tell you it's an elepahnt)                            Thumbnail: Pluto, Margarita, and Guadalupe at Disneyland.         
So here's that Del Mar elephant again. Really, really strange-looking elephant. It looks so much like a San Diego Zoo camel, don't you think?Lucifee the evil cat, Margarita, and Guadalupe at Sea world. Strange how the cat looks like Pluto, and at Disneyland. But the camera doesn't lie.

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