High-number turn GIF: OMS logo at 72 pixels; scan from a malformed jacket patch
Ontario Motor Speedway


Thumbnail:  Mustang and Vega Coupe at OMS   CLICK for larger view    
Another of the pro-photo prints I couldn't resist. This, too, is old.
To see an on-track shot of this spot from inside the Kammback, click here.
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They spent 25 million dollars to build this monster racing plant in the vineyards east of Los Angeles. It was awe-inspiring, equivalent to Indy in size and amenities, but it didn't pay its own way. I have avoided going past there (other side of the freeway from the Union 76 truck stop east of the Ontario airport) since they tore it down and built condos and malls. Sigh.

I call this a high-numbered turn because there were a dozen and a half of them, and I just never knew what number this was. Two turns before the front straight. (The diagram calls it "Turn 18." In a slowpoke car like this one, "Turn 20" really didn't exist.)

Silhouette's OMS page needs to have its map turned 90° to the left, if you are used to traditional North-to-the-Top orientation. The oval's long straights were approximately East-West.

See some frames from the first OMS film, here.  

Click THIS TEXT to see some original 8mm Vega OMS laps on YouTube.
See Sandy waiting in the OMS pre-grid line, here.

One time I did a little modification to the Coupe (removed the rear spoiler). The first time I went hot into the 110+ MPH right turn at the end of the three-quarter-mile-long front straight, the rear end wanted to be about a foot further out to the left. Since my technique had me six inches from the wall, there was an understandable conflict. I heard a "tink" and felt a bump, and went on around the turn a bit faster than usual.

When I got back to the paddock after a few more laps, I found the left end of the rear bumper had been ground flat. A corner worker sought me out and said he was sure I was going to crash. I said I thought it was just a little tap on the wall. He said he walked over and looked at it after the practice session. There was a forty-foot gouge an inch deep in the wall. Fun.

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