This is the Second Model Quest I Display Cabinet
with incidental acquisitions

Plymouth Valiant - 1962- by Trax, from AustraliaFIAT Ferrari transporter, 1963 or soDeSoto - 50s - by Buby (Argentina) one third of the  '49 Ford dealChrysler - 40s - also Buby, the third third (Hank Defields' parents had a Plymouth that looked like this; happy days)Cadilla V-16 coupe - '38 I thinkLaSalle - '38 - there is some story about this model and its original, but I forget; presidential parade car, maybe?Mercury convertible - 50s - UGLY; reminded me of the monstrosity touring RIR in the DNF video . this one has a CLICKable linkThis is the Ferrari 290MM as driven  by Fangio to Fourth in the 1956  Mille MigliaAuto Union Type D - 1930sMercedes-Benz Indy racer - 1940sM-B racer - Juan Manuel Fangio Championship edition  with his likeness on the bonnetM-B racer - details to followM-B racer - 1937 Vanderbilt Cup 2nd place, Richard Seaman; only time a GP racer wore a swastikaM-B racer - details to followM-B racer - details to followM-B Le Mans Racer 1955M-B Le Mans Racer 1955M-B Le Mans Racer 1955 - This is the Levegh death car1935 ERA racer - simple model, but it represents a car with an interesting history  CLICK to see its pageMaserati 8CTF 3032 Indy #1 - 1940  Winner Same Maserati Indy as #2 - 1939  Winner, 1941  leading when a wheel collapsedFerrari 375 Thinwall Special, Aintree, 1954Cooper T51, 1st '59 Ital. GP, MossFerrari F-1, details to followMatra? Lost the note I made about who and when. I'll find it., I'm sure
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Can you see what they are? Can you see what a problem it will be to photograph a mirror-backed display case? In order to eliminate a reflection of the camera/photographer I set up off-center for this shot and made the box "square" with Photoshop's crop tool. The principal deleterious effect is seen in distortions like the slightly skewed shape of the cars in the top row.

I was not going to use this photo. I neglected to take the acrylic cover off the cabinet and light from the on-camera flash bounced around and told the computer to close the shutter so the original is dark, dark, dark; however, sloth that I am, it seemed a run at it with Photoshop might obviate the minor effort involved in setting up and trying the camera again. Lo! and behold: it looks pretty good. If I get some technique going and get rid of that flash glare, it might be better than that.

Top shelf: two representations of a single Maserati Indy racer (8CTF 3032) from 1939-53 (as #1, it started second and finished first in 1940; as #2, it started third and finished first in 1939, started third and was leading in 1941 when a wire wheel collapsed; finished third in 1946 and 1947[#29, #1], fourth in 1948 [#1}, 23rd in 1949 [#6], and did not qualify in 1950 [#10] and 1953 [#43]);

the Vandervell bearings Thinwall Special, a Ferrari that may have seen both F-1 (Goodwood, 1954, Collins) and Indy racing; a Cooper-Climax as raced by Stirling Moss for Rob Walker's Ecurie Ecosse (don't the Scots have a similar term?) in 1959-60; (now on the shelf next to the Moss car, a Tekno model of the Cooper-Norton FIII machine);

" . . . an excellent 1/43 scale model of a Scuderia Ferrari Fiat/Bartoletti 642 N 2 Race Transporter that was used by the Ferrari Racing Team from 1957 through 1965." I have just bought my third of these. Hm.

Looking at the #600 Ferrari on the transporter: it is a model configured as Ferrari 290MM 0626M, the car driven by Juan Manuel Fangio to fourth place in the 1956 Targa Florio. Note the Argentine colors on the nose. A month later Phil Hill was one of the pilots who brought it home third in the Nurburgring 1000 KM race. I have just acquired a mini-diorama of the Fangio-driven #1 Ferrari that finished second in that race.

Middle shelf, back row: three Mercedes-Benz Le Mans racers from 1955, the third of which is the Levegh car that went into the stands and changed the face of racing (I have wondered if the Le Mans Levegh was in any way related to Rene LeBeque, Rookie, noted in the 1940 Indianapolis 500 lists and on my Vintage Photos pages); an ERA racer from 1935, simple model, not so simple a car.

Front row: a string of M-B racers from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, interrupted by an AUDI Type D from 1939 (third from left). First M-B, I don't remember, but will learn what and which year; next, the second-place (to an AUDI Type C) #15 Seaman car from the July, 1937 Vanderbilt Cup race on Long Island, New York, a car bearing a swastika at the behest of race organizers (!); I think the next two are M-B Indy racers from the 40s; second from the right, Juan Manuel Fangio's Championship edition F-1 racer with his likeness on the bonnet; last, a newer F1 car, year and provenance to be determined.

Bottom shelf
, not much changed from the photo first posted: an Australian Trax model of a 1962 Valiant, like the USA version, but right-hand driving; the Collectors Classics Buby 1956 DeSoto, part of the three-for-seventy-five-dollars deal that brought the next car and the 1950 Ford Tudor on CabinetOne page; late 40s Chrysler, similar in shape to the DeFields family Plymouth I spent many happy miles in, in the early-middle 50s; a 1938-40 (it's usually referred to that way) Cadillac V-16 Coupe; a 1938-40 LaSalle four-door convertible with a story I don't remember well, but may have been about the car's having been built as a parade platform for President Roosevelt, but never so used; a cheap, ugly Mercury convertible from the middle 50s that I bought because it looked a little like an expensive, ugly Mercury convertible I saw in the Darn Neat Film film ("HAY BALES and ASPHALT"[Dead Link as of...]).

I will extract larger views as I have the opportunity; you can expect to see individual photographs as time and skills allow. My ambition is to make pictures like those 43guy Vern B. uses in many of his eBay auctions, with backgrounds and accessories appropriate to the subjects.
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