Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

Thumbnail: view of three buttes in Monument Valley

Click the picture or this text to see the buttes photo full size
It's a 51 K file, could take 20 seconds to load at 28.8; worth it, I think.

Taken from Lookout Point at the Navaho tribe's park headquarters, in the middle of an April morning, this photo of West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte, and Merrick Butte is a little trite, but still awe-inspiring.

As is true in much of this land, there is constant wind, usually rolling straight down from the North. Although not easily discerned from a still photograph, the effects of the moving air are displayed at every step. Footprints in dust are erased in minutes, if not seconds. Ridges that seem sharp at a distance are rounded in detail. Fine particles of dirt or sand raised by passage of a truck are distributed, dissipated, and diluted so rapidly there is no "cloud of dust."

There are long-load satellite photos and a map from USGS:

To see a North-to-top map of the area <-- click there. (20 K)

A click here shows a wide vertical view from the same East-to-top orientation as the photograph. (34 K)

A click here shows a narrower vertical view of the view point and the ripples in the foreground. (19K)

A click on West Mitten Butte reveals a narrow vertical view.
(20 K)

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