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Jack McAfee: Until Ernie McAfee was killed, Jack was the lesser of the (unrelated, I think) racing McAfees. When I was working near the Black Flag station on the main straight at Riverside during qualifying for one of the Times races, I gave him the "double-time" arm pumping hand signal, and he returned it, with a big grin.

Bruce McLaren: McLaren's car broke something and he ran over my friend, flagman Bill Atkinson, at a blue-flag station before Turn Two during a Riverside CanAm. Bill's legs were pulverized, and he was in the hospital in Riverside for a long, long time. I campaigned to help pay his bills, and to get the sport to recognize his contribution.

Everyone I wrote to wrote back to him, and many sent or brought him wonderful personalized mementos. I was a Safety Steward. An attorney from Melvin Belli's office deposed me as an expert. I probably wasn't too much help in Bill's suit against all and sundry. My basic contribution was a statement to the effect that you are responsible for your own safety, and should not make the mistake Bill did, sacrificing his own well-being to perform a service of questionable utility to the drivers.

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Ken Miles: This was one of my heroes. He was a Brit, drove MG-based cars, and was a giant-killer. There was no greater pleasure than that of seeing him catching and passing the comparatively large and graceless iron of both US and European origin. I still followed his career when he started driving Porches.

One acquaintance, photographer Don Fuller, described a wonderful experience: Miles took him on a demonstration ride down Mulholland Drive. Can you imagine? Don bought the car. I already pointed to the photo I took of Miles and Stirling Moss at Riverside. There are others I expect to scan and post.

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