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3. 1957 - 1960

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1959 - June 6, 1960 United States Air Force
Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, Louisiana
Airman Photogrammetrist

  • Utilize aerial photography and other resources in production of Sectional Aeronautical Charts   Thumbnail: Sectional Aeronautical Chart; click to see larger image
  • Discover on Mount Ararat the apparent remains of an object the approximate size (300x50 cubits) and shape of an ark
  • Mark the location with a wrecked ship symbol
  • Play football, catching innumerable passes, injuring right knee
  • Balance recreational, evasive, and recuperative resources
  • Explore social relationships in company with some SowPhiwwy original Bandstand dancers
  • Learn water-skiing on the surface of flooded meadows replete with water moccasins
  • Spend final months as Barracks Chief, much to the relief of senior enlisted personnel
  • Make a long round trip to California
  • Make one more trip to California





January 1957 - 1959    United States Air Force
Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville, Arkansas
Airman Photo Interpreter

  • In Los Angeles, take American Airliner (prop-driven) to Little Rock
  • Forget envelope with orders and pay records
  • Arrive on the second day of a forty-day ice storm. What sun?
  • Score training sorties using visual aerial and RADAR photography
  • Incur the wrath of field-promoted navigators and pilots
  • Take leave in California, return with 1953 MG TD
  • Enjoy rural Arkansas, winding roads, Lake Nixon water park
  • Enjoy urban Arkansas, young people, Hot Springs National Park
  • Frequent "Waiters Club" jazz venue on Ninth Street, Little Rock
  • Encounter and appreciate jazz trombonist Richard Boone
  • Enjoy but fail to remember name of jazz guitarist at Waiters Club
  • Witness history at Little Rock Central High School
  • Inscribe name on Capitol steps in used beer
  • Avoid apprehension by State Troopers after passing Governor Faubus' limousine on the right
  • See fellow THS graduate W. Ohlert among his 101st Airborne cohort
  • Enjoy company of Lt. Jean Charlene Hjort of New Hampshire
  • and her dog, "Rocky"
  • Flip a perfect salute to General Curtis LeMay, a known auto sports enthusiast, from behind the wheel of the top-down MG TD, on a 35º day
  • Benefit from recreational long weekend in Puerto Rico for "Outstanding Airmen"
  • Fail to contact Rodney Williams, who is not at Ramey Air Force Base at the moment; printing facilities for the base paper are in San Juan
  • Steal nice wooden coathanger from Caribe Hilton
  • Scared to death by four-wheel drifting jitney bus between Ramey and Airmen's club on the beach
  • Drink $8 in 15-cent rum-and-coke
  • Immune to 24-hour parade of Lambrettas and B-36s around and over bed
  • Fall out of upper bunk, awakening before hitting the concrete floor, thinking, "If I awaken, it will hurt." Hardly able to move in the morning
  • Buy a carton of Camels at 9 cents per pack, smuggle them on the plane, find this is small potatoes: air crew has filled the tanks of the in-flight refueler with duty- and tax-free liquor and tobacco
  • Disremember the return trip to Little Rock
  • Drive to The 12 Hours Of Sebring, Florida Thumbnail: Porsche at Sebring,
    return by way of Biloxi, New Orleans, and Barksdale AFB
  • Make a three-day temporary-duty trip to Barksdale Air Force Base's Altitude Chamber, with the express purpose of qualifying as fourth man in an RB-47
  • Encounter Jerry Westmoreland working on the base paper at Barksdale
  • Mourn 70th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing's loss of two RB-47 aircraft (the fourth men were the only personnel who perished) and training wing status
  • Join labor gang, learning Bid Whist, Hearts, chaff-loading
  • Spend several 59-day periods working outside of Air Force Specialty Code 20651
  • Pick rocks out of the proposed fairways of the base golf course
  • Process Small Stores receipts in base finance office, meeting and affronting either Senator William Fulbright or Senator John McClellan (two links) both of whom were internationally famous at that time (It was McClellan; his daughter worked there in the office)
  • Write "Hometowners" for base information office, conduct base tours
  • Hear Curtis O. McDaniel describe awakening to the sight of an Airman "...skiing on the wing of a B-47. Damnedest thing I ever seen."
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