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at Play in Tijuana, Baja California, México

Thumbnail: portion of Tijuana racing article by Gus Vignolle  heading page, Sports Car Graphic issue of June, 1967

Page from Sports Car Graphic, June, 1967. This is a pretty old magazine, physically. Publication stopped a couple decades ago.
Story and photos by Gus Vignolle. Complete article is at SCG0467.

The prominent but small white spot below the "H" in the banner across the street represents your obedient servant's shirt. I was Jefe de Pista (Chief of the Course) at these races. It was an event rife with tellable stories. One guy had brought his girl friend and his ocelot from Colorado. While he was racing and his girl friend was walking the ocelot, someone stole his tools. His Lotus Seven America partially dismantled itself on the rough streets.

I still have a few commemorative certificates of appreciation like those given to all the racers, and a couple of posters like this one: (click here). Money in the bank. (Joke) I strong-armed the Tijuana Auto Sport Club race organizers into giving me enough of them to send one of each to every driver who entered the event. Several of them told me it was the best memento of any race they had participated in.

There is also a closer, more intelligible view of that shirt.

You can see another view of the Playas course on the MG racing page.

There is an aerial (USGS) photo of 1996 Playas with a course diagram superimposed. The photo file is 22K or so, and may take eight seconds to download at 28.8.

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