F Sheff at Sebring   -Cover-

12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance
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"It had to run at least 12 hours or its name would have been longer than the race"
Photo: cover of the official program; price: $1.00

Scan of the cover, Official Program. Price: $1.00

You have to guess this is a photo of the 1957 start, taken from the Martini and Rossi bridge, right? What do you suppose is the role of that fellow standing in front of the cars? Chief Target And Doormat?

Let me answer my own questions:

After further review, it looks as if there was no M&R bridge in 1957, that it was installed very close to the "U-turn" at the top of this photo.

That is not a pudgy guy standing on the track. It's two guys: one in a sports jacket, waving a green flag; the other is facing right up against him, and dressed in worker white. I think what you have is boss man Alec Ullman starting the race, and his safety person, someone to drag him out of the way if it seems he is likely to get run over and doesn't know it. What a trip.

Course map from the program

Photo: course map from the 1958 official program. Click for a big one.

This is a little more intelligible than the map linked from the next
(Sebring -1-) page, and half again as long a load. I expect to make view links here, as you'll find on the other, and eventually eliminate that one.

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