Little Rock Air Force Base Photos
Scanned by Joseph Hnat

Monochrome images are also by Joe Hnat,
made at Sidi Slimane Air Base, Morocco,
in 1956, when several members of the
70th Reconnaisance Technical Squadron
were there on a ninety-day (?)
Temporary Duty ssignment

My Little Rock AFB pages start HERE

Joe Hnat sent images of personnel and life at
Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico, but
I haven't been able to recover them yet

Sgt Persing and (photographer) Joe Hnat
in a typical Barracks room

Bill Argerie (seated) and Herb Surom

Sgt Persing


Persing, Bobby Joe Williams and Unknown ready to hit thhe road to Frank Pitcavage's wedding. They are standing behind Williams' Chevy convertible, which he let me drive for an afternoon while he tried out my MG TD
"Thom" and Persing
I seem to remember this was on
the wedding trip
Nice formal photo of the Maid-of-Honor,
Bride, Groom, and Best Man

Map 1
North to left
When I arrived, January, 1957, The photo lab was half-a-mile off the base, outside the main gate. Later a new lab building was opened somewhere in the neighborhod of the "FLIGHT - " of FLIGHT LINE

Map 2, rotated 90 degrees from the line drawing, North to top

Base Chapel

View of the Base Exchange ,
Library, Theater area

Barracks, very dormitory-like,
pairs of two-man rooms connected
by a common bath- shower-room

When I arrived the 70th Reconnaisance Technical Squadron work area was the first floor of this building. You could wake up, dress, and be at work in a minute. Later moved to the building a ten-minute walk away.

Detail of part of a dormitory room showing the bathroom door at right

View of a dining hall, barracks in the upper left. A newer one had been built closer to the dormitories, by the time I got there

My crop of the dining-hall image, showing an MG TD like mine. That one seems to have red wheels; mine were silver

Labeled to indicate it is a view of Highway Five, which was accessible through the Air Base West Gate, and was somewhat more convenient than going by way of Jacksonville and the Main Gate

Lake Conway
Like many bodies of water named "Lake" in this part of the country, it is essentially a flooded meadow. The City of Conway boasted Arkanas State Teachers College, now known as the University of Central Arkansas

Two Hnat-friend fishermen in a boat
Might be Don Born and "oers"

Crop that doesn't really help
with identification

Virgil "Bud" Eustis and someone else in a boat,
un-identified pole-brandisher

Eustis and Persing


Proud fisherman Joseph Hnat

Proud fisherman Charles Richard Smith.
It was Mrs Smith who cooked up a feast

One of a number of bauxite-mine open pits, filled and useful in the summer months

Eustis at the wheel, others unknown, as is the location of a skiable body of water

Little Rock Capitol scan

Persing with dog scan

Arkansas River view, from Old Veterans Hospital in North Little Rock

Arkansas River, from Old Veterans

Hospital in North Little Rock

Little Rock and Arkansas River view as I recall.
Might be from the Old Veterans Hospital area in North Little Rock

Sidi Slimane Air Base, 1956
Joe Hnat's Photos and IDs

I'm relatively certain I've translated Joe's image-label
code from the individuals' initials, to their names.
Except for the one I didn't know: "KWP"

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