Black & Other Mustangs on an Ortega Highway
"Bumblebee III" run to LongShadow Ranch vineyard,
January, 2008

Back in the S197 era

Spent a little time at the side of the Ortega Highway, mid-morning. My car, rather be driving, but I promised.

Waiting for the parade of Mustangs coming from the San Juan Capistrano end of the road.
While I waited, quite a few enthusiast cars came through. This was my favorite: Ferrari Lusso, such a beauty. I thought I could recognize the driver, but maybe not.
  Yes, the Mustangs eventually did show up. Several beauties there, as well. I think I got an individual image of almost all of them, with the exception of these four.               --->

The original "Bumblebee I" concept was to form a caravan line alternating black and yellow cars. I understood it worked out pretty well for "I" and "II", but for "III", as you can see, not so much.

  Many of the people in these cars passed by my FotoTime album containing the pictures (and perhaps a few I haven't recovered yet) to identify themselves and each other, and say something about their cars and the event. Quite a few intersting and many amusing comments. All lost when FotoTime folded up its tent and stole away in the night. The photos I could save, but the written material is gone, gone, gone. I'd be happy to put any of it, or anything like it, back up here, if y'all would send it to FRANK@FSHEFF.COM . Thank you for your support. I have the URL of some publicity and enthusiasm that preceded the January 26, 2008, event

And a plethora of pictures from the "St Paddy's Day" cruise mentioned there. (Not organized yet, but soon)

View is roughly east. Snow-capped Mount Baldy to the left, Mount San Antonio in the center section. Lake Elsinore in the right, south-ish, section.

Nearing level ground. Check the light spot,
upper right corner.

Close to the end of twisty bits. See the
almost 360-degree advisory sign?

Similar sign preceeds this bit of fun.
(Fun if traffic doesn't hold you up.)

Where Ortega Highway ends.

The Caravan goes south-eastish
on Grand Avenue

Past Adolfo's Mexican Food and Lake Elsinore Market. Temecula-ward...

To Longshadow Ranch vineyard,
for sign in and lunch-claiming,

Some of these panoramas' files are MBs in size, up to three MB in a couple of cases.
Makes for less-than-rapid downloads, and some horizontal scrolling, but if you were there it might be worth it
to see the expressions on people's faces as they were in conversation in this
very pleasant setting.

Another click on this one will yield access to even more detail

The San Diego Black Mustangs contingent,
Your Obedient Servant in the orange.

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