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- Paramount Ranch -
Track Diagram From 1957 Program
USGS Satellite Photo From 1994
Notes From A Visit, October, 2002

You can see Ann Martin's drawing of the course conforms better to the topo map on a previous page than it does to the aerial photo. Still, there is no question this is the old racing ground.

A look at Bob Norton's photos on Tam's Old Racecar Site ( - What's New...), noting their directions on that map, will help orient the viewer. It is not obvious how quickly the elevation changes: it seems Turns 5 and 8 are at about the same level, but the uphill from 5 through 7 leads to an abrupt drop down to 8. The first Eric Hauser photo and the Turn 5 photos on Al Long's pages ( - nostalgia... - Fast Racing - Part 4)( has expired and is parked free, courtesy of are looking down on the beginning of the up slope. The second Hauser picture gives a taste of the end of the down slope.

I visited the Fabulous 50s
racers at a reunion here on the first Saturday in October, 2002. Photos of the gathering and the track will eventually find their way to this site.

The do-it-yourself picnic
and bench-racing sessions took place under the elongated roof visible between the "8" marker and the red track line to the west. The marker itself is located close to where a young lady spent a couple of hours doing a video interview with Dick Guldstrand.

The other buildings south and west of the "8" marker are what remains of the Wild West town featured in hundreds of movies.

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There is another map on Tam's Old Race Car Site:
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