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- Riverside International Raceway -
4th Annual
Trans-American Sedan Championships
October 4 - 5, 1969

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    Riverside              October, 1969

Is this the right place to tell about the last effort I made to race the MG B Tourer? Did I already mention it elsewhere? Seems so familiar to me. Any road, I entered the MG in the Regional Races program run in support of the Trans Am, 1969. I was there for Friday evening technical inspection. While I sat in line, Mark Donohue walked by, made eye contact, and smiled. The MG passed everything with no difficulty until the very last check: the man said, "Put on your helmet and strap yourself in and stand on the brake, hard." I did, and my head was an inch above the rollover bar. I could scrunch down to clear, but pressing on the brake pedal showed the true facts: roll bar was too low, or my spine was too long.

I considered cutting the innards out of the seat bottom (as I saw somone do at a Holtville driver school), but just for a second. I also thought about zipping around the City of Riverside, finding materials and skills to add a couple inches to the top of the bar, for maybe three seconds, but rejected that solution as requiring more dedication or intensity than I could muster at that time. Plus which, it would mean the convertible top would no longer fit.

So I withdrew my entry and worked as flagman during the weekend, principally at Turn Four, I think. I'm sure I wrote this up somewhere else, here.

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Riverside International Raceway F-5000/Continental

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