June, 1967 Sports Car Graphic
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1 Elva Courier of Harry Codianne turns in at the end of the straight; the street that goes up the hill above Harry's head is the pit entrance (turn sharp left at the top); a view of Harry leaving this part of this turn is available at MG Racing page 2.
2 White car is Tony Viedma driving the ex-Marc Ferland Sprite; his travails of this weekend culminated in a flat tire during his race, earning him the Golden Taco award, a gilt tortilla with a nail through it.
3 Gus Vignolle complimenting the Mayor on his god-son's Golden Taco.
4 Hip-hugger girl without her ocelot or her boyfriend, Lotus 7a driver George Graves; I believe the Sprite on the track is Mickey Pleasant; Mickey and Fred Puhn in an MG TF had a classic down-to-the-wire battle for the win; you can see where there is a row of straw bales along a curb that runs up and out of sight around Turn One; the curb is just a few feet from the Mexico-US border.
5 Did I mention Bruce Redding and his Lethal Beetle? And the white shirt under the "H" in the S-F banner is mine? And the Formula S '66 Barracuda is parked just out of the frame at right, nosed-in to a downhill curb, on the other side of William Anderson's '63 Split-Window Vette?

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