Del Mar 1964 SLIDES

These slides were an EbaY find, images made by an unknown photographer and
rescued for a very reasonable price, considering the going rate for similar collections
these days. I've butchered some of them to give someone who might know the
subjects or vehicles a chance to identify otherwise obscure individuals. There are
a few duplicates and one—for sure (and maybe more)—missing, all due to my
defective file system and FotoTime's disaster, which took plenty of useful
information with it when it collapsed and evaporated.

This first image was apparently made two years earlier, according to
program entry lists and race reports.

That's Bob Harris in the Campbell Special who led the first lap but was eliminated
as he attempted to resume the position after catching the then-leader, Jay Hills, Porsche RSK.
See race report in the "DEL MAR" article below.

These others were made in 1964

Merle Brennan, Jaguar, Dick Guldstrand, Corvette about to become engaged in one of their customary production-car battles.

In the background of a few of these photos, ongoing construction of the new I-5 freeway can be seen

Part of a weekend at the races