Paramount Ranch April 16, 2005
The Fabulous-50s racers Spring gathering and
Concours d'Provenance

(More annotations as time AND MEMORY permit)
(It begins to look as if some of the Paramount Ranch photos are from a different Fab-50s event)

Art Evans, a keystone of the Fabulous Fifties non-organization, addresses one of the
park-provided celebratory cakes, as appreciative Ranger Tom Young is poised for the denoument

Jaques Bellesisle entertains by recounting his experience as a background artist (driver)
during filming of "The Devil's Hairpin", here at Paramont Ranch.
Enjoying the story are Bob D'Olivo, a woman whose name I missed,
Tim Bamford, John Morton, and Bob Norton.

Bob Norton, an able and accomplished motor sports historian, died in December, 2006.
Thank you for your important contributions, Bob. RIP.

Chuck Daigh (say, "Day") accepts some well-deserved respect. He died April 29, 2008.

Ruth Levy Raymond, illustrator and writer, and racing car driver.

Ruth Levy's granddaughter, I think, whose name I've forgotten, passes a ribbon
to George Meyers, as Bill Pollock emcees the awards ceremony

Umbrella lady, William Edgar, Unknown;
Tam McPartland photographing at right

Dick Guldstrand (back to us) explaining to Peter Miles. Unknown third party is cropped.

Unknown person (l.) hears Bob D'Olivo over picnic provender

Mike Savin listens

Unknown, Dick Guldstrand, and Bob Schilling attentive to the awards

Jim Jeffords, Jaques Bellesisle, Art Evans

Jim Parkinson and Ken Nickels (?)

L Jack Draper

Bob D'Olivo

Joe P.

Jim Parkinson

Al Moss carried away yet another award, this one for Longest Drive To The Event, in his MG TC, from Sedona, Arizona

Bill Pollock

I apologize for not remembering this woman's name (Pierson),
nor the name of the well-known cartoonist (Tom Medley)
who did the drawing while they ate lunch

I didn't—still don't—have any idea who these two men are, but I'm confident they were
affiliated with someone who raced at Paramount Ranch, and that they have wonderful faces.

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