at Home or thereabouts in 1999
In San Diego CA:
Click for Montgomery, California Forecast
Photo of F Sheff, his daughter, and her father-in-law

1999:  That's Your OBedient Servant at your left.   His daughter Geneva, cheerful as always.   Her father-in-law, Bill, former B-36 tail gunner is at your right. Photo by Margarita.

Photo of "E.T." the Xoloitzquintli          Thumbnail: ET with his mouth open. Is it a yawn or a howl? Yawn. His howls are with the "ooooo" mouth shape.

Weird, eh?
It's "E.T." the Xoloitzcuintli or Xoloitzquintle,
"Xolo", pronounced "Show-low", for short,
also called "Mexican Hairless Dog."

Aside from the unusual naked look, he perspires like a person, so you seldom see him with his mouth open. Yes, he does get cold, but has a few shirts and sweaters. His toes are webbed and he uses his front paws in very cat-like ways. His canines point forward rather than down like proper fangs. He has an "Adam's apple" and a lower voice than you might expect.

Many of his vocalizations are extended, modulated sounds, as opposed to barks. He is bright, responsive, and assertively affectionate. He bonds with one human and tolerates most people, but even folks who live in the same house better not seem aggressive toward his master. A good alarm dog and a real delight, all 16 pounds of him. And he did meet the local skunk. ¡Que lástima!

Another photo: Click the tiny dog in Item 1. The thing that looks like a flame is the hair on the tip of his tail.

"Mejor xolo que mal acompaņado" .

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