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You can turn off the sound in these primitive transfers if it annoys you.

To those who are used to fast-Mustang speeds, the in-car stuff might look like slow-motion, but take my word for it: they were made as fast as I could get us to go. All taken from a Chevrolet VEGA Kammback (two-door station wagon) in the early 1970s. In case it's not obvious, you'll get a chance to travel around Ontario Motor Speedway, Riverside International raceway, Old Tijuana Airport, and Old Holtville, all tracks that are now defunct, dead, they have rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. These are ex-racing tracks.

The Tijuana Airport film is jumpy and gets stuck some, because the actual acetate was a poorly executed copy of the original, which I mistakenly gave away.

Note in the RIR Rain film one of the stars is the well-known proprietor of Fast Line racing school (Willow Springs).

The last two are un-edited evocations of what the racing was like for amateurs (Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway 1972) and professionals (RIR 1972).

For the link to a more extensive set of 8MM film transfers, click HERE

Ontario Motor Speedway

Riverside Internatonal Raceway Laps

RIR Turn One In The Rain

Old Tijuana Airport

Willow Springs International Raceway Laps

Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway Lap

Holtville Activity

RIR Can-Am

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