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Photo: Margarita C. de S.

Here's Margarita, light of my life. We were married in February, 1963.

She is tough, tender, smart, independent, private, giving, thoughtful, loving, and someday will be run over by a car when she is trying to rescue an animal. I've been telling her that since 1963.

The privacy gene just assumed a dominant role: she has required that the page of complimentary and touching history I had typed here be s***-canned. So be it.

Photo: YOBS, Geneva, Margarita March, 1965

Here we are, happy as clams, Geneva at about age 11 months. Living in a nice little one-bedroom on Avenida Cinco de Mayo, Zona Norte, Tijuana. I was working four-on, four-off, three-on, three-off, 12-hour days. A great schedule for a young, energetic family man.

Margarita and her daughter on the beach.

A quarter-century later, give or take
Margarita and her daughter on the beach

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