the ninth ANIMALS Page
of F Sheff at Home
(three through eight are on hiatus)

Photo: YOBS at greatgrandmother's house

How old is that child on the porch with the dog? What kind of dog is that? I don't remember. I do remember the giant snowball flowers on the shrub at right. I do not remember the woman whose face we see in the window. I think she is my mother's grandmother, Katy Baden. Named after the city where she was adopted as a foundling. Baden-Baden, Germany. She'd have been more than ninety years old when this picture was taken in about 1940.

We have a stove-top griddle she received as a wedding present. She gave it to her daughter, my mother's mother, as a wedding present. My mother received it from her mother, and Mom gave it to Margarita. It must be about 140 or so.

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