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1980s photo of Herman James S. and four siblingsHerman JamesNorma S. WilliamsIrma S. CriddleRalph Alvin S.Dean S.

Here's my Dad, Herman James S. and his surviving sisters and brothers. Some time in the 1980s, I'd guess. I do not remember the sisters' place in the birth order. I believe Norma, at my Dad's left, was older than him and younger than Ralph, the man wearing glasses. Then came Irma, and last of all, Dean.

Ralph and Dean were attorneys. My dad was an educational administrator. I think Irma may have had some kind of career, and Norma did the books for Uncle Andrew Williams' water softener business.

From a bit earlier in his life, when he and his two pals George Watt and a man whose name I consistently forget, sugar beet-thinned their way from Layton to Yellowstone National Park. This was 1929, when they had finished high school.

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