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AnalogX Software    Try their sound, programming, and connection tools—and their VIN Decoder (for vehicles built 1978 and later).

Running Dog animated gif Free...
Animated Stuff from to add to your web page

The AUTOSPORT Journal of Formula One Motorsport
   I like The Nostalgia Forum, where the historians and fanatics pride themselves on rapid answers to any question

The BAKER auto racing family presents an eclectic selection of photos, including the Bakers and early Southern California sports car racing personalities (Dan Gurney, Ken Miles, Jack McAfee, Betty Shutes, Richie Ginther, Bill Pollack, Frank Monise, Lance Reventlow, Andy Porterfield, Sam Hanks, Elliott Forbes-Robinson, Sr.), as well as some Carrera Panamericana vignettes.

Canadian Motorsports History Group on Yahoo!   Dedicated, active.

KTUD, site of some of TOM CARDIN's wonderful 50s racing photos from Paramount Ranch, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach, Chino A/P, March AFB and Willow Springs. If you can get to it (Links to display-size images seem to have been taken down; the "ftp" links don't get us anywhere. If you know how to access the big photos, please tell me how, at; thank you), their images folder has a baker's dozen from Santa Barbara (or is it Madera?) (or Bakersfield?).

Cost-Of-Living calculator: What was a dollar really worth back then?
American Institute for Economic Research

  Clickable Banner: Visit the Home Of CYCLOPS    
Maybe the greatest automobile saga of the 20th century


Team DNF's site, where you used to be able to see frames from their marvelous 50s and 60s California road racing film, "Hay Bales and Asphalt," seems to be gone, now. There was a time you could order the DVD from, but the maker discovered someone had pirated his work so he prohibited any sales. Such a shame. If you search for the DVD on Amazon, you'll find his statement about that situation, and perhaps be able to contact him through the Amazon site.. 

Hans Etzrodt's list of bookstores for (especially) automotive history-related out of print books:

e-mail: Kenneth Ball at Autobooks Limited in England.
Gateway to Europe’s National Libraries

You can search the web with the excellent Google


You can no longer Search this site
with FreeFind

Mark Harden's Artchive   SELECTED ART WORKS. There are many pictures and a lot of information about them at this site.

STEVE HOFFMAN'S NATURE AND SCENIC PHOTOS    "The images in this web site consist of landscapes, scenics, zoo animals and macro photographs of insects and flowers. This site also contains useful information about photography and digital imaging for the web and home digital darkroom." (Emphasis mine)

An excellent IMSA Camel GT racing site by Alexis Gousseau features adventures and photos from a prime professional series.

Homestead Says, "Sorry, the site you requested has been disabled" Another on the burgeoning list of abandoned, destroyed, strayed, lost or stolen pioneering road-race plants. Check out Ross Fosbender's sad but delightful tribute.

Tam McPartland's Old Race Car Site   
where he has deposited a veritable treasure chest of racing photos from 60s California road courses.  An A-number-one resource.

Motor Racing Circuits Database
Motor Racing Circuits
   Course diagrams and more by Daniel King

GEL Motorsports Information Pages maintained by Darren Galpin. Quick entry to statistics and other racing "nostalgia" information pages. (Be patient: It was slow loading when I tried it on July 3, 2021, but eventually came up)

North American Motorsports Pages   Your chance to explore motorsport stuff.

Malcolm Mitchell's Programme Covers Project   Hundreds—make that thousands—of racing event program covers.

Racing History Newsgroup   (Seems to have exited the 'Net) "The communication tool for anyone interested in the history, documentation, restoration and preservation of U.S. dirt, board or paved, oval track, open-wheel racing. Emphasis is on the cars, engines and drivers of the Midget, Big-car, Champ and Indy cars from the teens to the '60s." These people are the drivers, builders and historians of that era, and know or can find the answer to EVERY question.

Racing Sports Cars    Site for those interested in sports-racing cars, including Can-Am (This place will keep you entraned for hours, if not days.)

  a standard reference; he offers a printed version of the information.

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