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Long Page of 1950s
West Coast Sports Car
Racing Photos
- Loaned by Tom Cardin (RIP)

You might find the ALBUM Page easier to negotiate
First title is Mr Cardin's designation unless otherwise noted

My history with these pictures will be set out after the last entry

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1 And it better be Red

2 Check out the plate

3 I think it belongs to Shakey Jake

4 Art Arfon's Green Monster in Kuzma's shop blew a tire at (ends)
"On the second of his two speed runs the next day, Arthur Arfons blew a tire again,
this time at a speed estimated at 600-plus. " (Maybe November, 1965?)

5 Cockpit of The Green Monster

6 Ken Miles in Troutman-Barns spcl

7 Lozono's Ferrari at Torry Pines
"Lozano's" "Torrey"

8 Torry Pines

9 Siata at Torry Pines

10 Bill Strop at Willow Springs

11 Allard at Willow Springs, Calif
Allard J2 Special

12 Indy car at Willow Springs
Car also made a lap or so at Torrey Pines, Danny Oakes up, during its visit to SoCal

Cooper 500 cc

XK120, MG - typical racing pic

XK-120 off-course :-)

The Parkinson-Jaguar and a Kurtis

MG Special


MG "Zoloton special" Commentary by Bill Hoskins: they were the most outrageous cheaters.

13 Ken Miles leads a Pooper at Paramount Ranch
Ken Miles with his Porsche 500 and Bob Drake
with a Climax-powered Cooper owned by Joe Lubin.


14 Bruce Kessler in Ferrari at Paramount Ranch

14 Bruce Kessler in Ferrari at Paramount Ranch


15 C Type at Paramount Ranch

16 Ritchie Ginther in DB3S Aston at Paramount Ranch

17 Loose C type at Paramount Ranch

18 Oops at Paramount Ranch

19 What have I done

The Swiss Rudy Kleye with his Mercedes 300SL

Phil Hill? in a C-type Jag
Lotus 5 or 6 driven by Jay Chamberlain. In the background Bill Hoskins' Cooper 500        

20 Pebble Beach BIG cars
KTUD Page shows a thumbnail/crop from this image, titled "An Old Simplex"


21 Phil Hill in Ferarri . Pebble Beach
Phil Hill Ferrari Mexico

23 Von Neumann at Pebble Beach
Neumann-Porsche 550

24 Ken Miles at Pebble Beach in MG
Ken Miles MG Special "R1"

25 Pebble Beach 17 mile drive

Morris Minor Special

pebble beach32

26 Parallel parking only Pebble Beach
Accident involving a Stanguellini, a Bandini, a Manning-Mercury and a Talbot- Lago

Ken Miles battling with a Porsche 356

The Parkinson Jaguar
27 Bad day at Pebble Beach

MG TC after a collision with a tree

28 Kurtis at Chino Air Base

29 TC looking for the needle in the hay Chino


30 Chuck Daigh Frazer-Nash at Terminal
Reeves Field at Terminal Island, near Long Beach, California

34 Ferrari Gig Gun at Riverside
Seems to me this and Numbers 35, 36, 37, and 38 were at March Air Force Base, in the Riverside area

35 First 300SL in Calif Riverside

36 Twin Porsche at Riverside

37 Twin Porsche 2 Riverside

Fageol special. 1500 cc Porsche engine in each end. This is pictured (ends)
(Chainsaw engine for a supercharger on each!)
I recall being able to read the instruments in one of the originals

50 Bill Spear and Alfred Momo at Riverside in Ferrari
Definitely March AFB

38 Lotus at Riverside


31 Lola at Riverside

32 Mario Andretti at Riverside

33 Formula 1 demo at Riverside

40 Jim Hall in the Chapperal, Riverside

40 Jim Hall at Riverside

41 Don't cross traffic to pits

45 Jayne Mansfield at Riverside
Lloyd Ruby and Sam Hanks at her right, I believe

Click to view a program (404?)
Among the experts at The AutoSport Nostalgia Forum in 2004, there was near-concensus that these photos—other than the wet Vettes—were not made at Santa Barbara, in spite of the author's having labled them with names containing "... sb...". Likely candidates included Chino A/P and Minter Field, near Bakersfield.










46 Roger Ward, Sam Hanks, unknown, JC Agajainian and Jho
"unknown" is "Lippy" Leo Durocher, a major figure in baseball at that time
"Jho" is Johnnie Parsons, 1950 Indy winner
(who gave me his autograph at the Carrell Speedway midget races that year)

48 Ken Miles judging Vette at Ambassador concourse
I'd be delighted to know if that is Ken's son, Peter, in the sunglasses

49 Carroll Shelby at Riverside or Pamona

Tom retired to Chama, New Mexico, where he and his wife, Mary, hosted a B&B.
He pursued an interest in steam trains, as well as photography.


During a nineteen-nineties cruise of the Internet, in search of material relevant to sports car racing at Torrey Pines, I came across a few pages by A Name I've Forgotten. He had apparently obtained Mr Cardin's digitized photos, and set them free on the Web. All unbeknownst to the author/photographer.

A little more searching led to my finding a way to make contact with Mr Cardin, who was amazed to know his work had been put out there where it could be seen by all and sundry. He very kindly gave me permission to further spread the valuable resources, for "Education, research, and personal use only". And he sent me copies of all he had control over, on CD-ROM.

The images are displayed in pretty much the order I took them off the CD. If there is a better way to see them, I might promote or demote one or another. I'll also add reasonable commentary as it occurs to me. I know I have several more photos from this negotiation. I will add them as they surface.

Here's one for you, if you're really interested in the early development and interpretations of Photos By Cardin: Have a look at an Autosport Nostalgia Forum thread I started in 2004 and had forgotten about.

I keep thinking about the tiny images on the KTUD site, most of which can be shown in larger versions, and all of which I remember seeing as such; however, those that don't currently have big ones to look at could possibly be lost forever. What a disappointment that KTUD's links from the thumbnails are FTPs, and lead nowhere.


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