Freeway driving  ain't Play (1 of 3)
   (Just wait until I find the one of the guy with the DDS license plate
flossing as he steered with his elbows. Really.)

Looks as if he is reading something, right? But, what is that on his forehead?

A little too little focus to see.

Chauvinist that I am, I thought she was giving herself a manicure as she zoomed down the road. After further review, it seems to me she has a pen in her hand, and is a writer on the storm.

Photo: a man writes as he "drives"

Another writer guy. Writer and bi-focaled, it appears. Nice man, very conscientious I'm sure. But, way off base here, passing on the right and writing on the pass. I am afraid.

Photo: a man eats with chopsticks as he "drives"

I swear this guy is using chopsticks. Eating as he motors along. 70 MPH. Physics, folks, not karma, is what determines life (or the alternative) on the freeway.
In June of 2002 Los Angeles Times writer Hugo Martin was researching a story on "Driving While Distracted". He found these pages and added the URL to his piece, Click the picture to see a legible version.
  A very SPECIAL photo   Is that how he was taught to drive? I don't THINK so.  
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