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Old Publications - 6
Midget Road Racing At
Riverside International (Motor) Raceway
January 19, 1958
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I left the borders in and left a couple of examples of old-time advertising.
New and delicious: Bill Bean sent me some photos of this event: CLICK
BIG    Scan: back cover of the Midgets At RIR programScan: cover of thr Midgets at RIR program   BIG

Laid out face down, this is what it looks like. Click HERE to see more information about the photo on the Enoch advertisement.

BIG  Scan of "masthead" as seen in program        Scan of RIR map as seen in program   BIG

On the left, a "masthead" of officials and and indication (I think) that they expected to do this more than once: the heading "100-Mile USAC Championship Midget Road Race" is typeset, while the sanction number and date are filled in with a typewriter. Someone prepared a master for repeat publication. Might just have been the printer, but . . .

On the right, another shot at the map from inside the back cover.

  BIG   Scan: lost of official entries through car number 37        Scan: official entries from car number 46 through 99jr   BIG

The entry lists. I have no information about who showed up, or who won, or if there actually was such a race or any subsequent.

Maybe it was like the "Wrong-way Indy Cars" at this track some years later, when they straightened Turn One a little by moving it 120 feet west so a flying racecar wouldn't land in the pit road or racing pits, then practiced, but elected to go with the usual clockwise direction. What I heard was the folks in the starter's stand were instrumental in that decision.

I don't suppose it would have been too difficult to run a few laps in the midgets, make some enlightened judgements, and move the show to one of the ovals. It seems to me midget racers, maybe all oval racers, were used to showing up, warming up, qualifying, and racing in pretty short order. Road racers strike me as a little more deliberate, maybe a bit less ready to mix it up without some kind of extended foreplay or mantra-chanting.

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