at Play on the Palm Springs Airport
in the
Mid-50s (4)
Photo: View past some spectators to the last turn

Pretty much the same direction as the 300SL versus the bales shot. At left is Mike Houston (who married Carol in the early sixties), my brother Don next to him. I don't believe I know the men at right, unless they are Ian and Eric Gatley, who have similar appearance. I'm just not sure.

The car in the photo is numbered 98, which indicates to me that it is Carroll Shelby at the wheel of a Maserati. Click the photo to see a closer view. The program says the entry is Jack McAfee in John Edgar's 3.4 Ferrari. Perhaps Edgar's 0588M. It seems there may have been some ride-switching this weekend: Barchetta credits Shelby with wins in two different Ferraris, each entered with a driver other than Shelby.

Before you go on, check out the snow fence. Not much of a barrier, safety and control-wise. You'll have to wait until I get to Pomona to hear about how well it restrains errant racecars.
Photo: View of the South end of the pits, north of the 300SL/bales incident, south of the spinning Porsche

View to the left of above picture. Even further left is the Start/Finish, and beyond that is Turn 1, site of the ignominious spin by the Porsche.

Course Control for the participants was self-imposed, as you can see. The little black car standing kind of still is a Swallow Doretti (two links), Italian-inspired Jaguar coachwork on a TR2 platform. This one may have had a Buick engine. The program says it is No. 70, Max Balchowski, Doretti-Buick.

The No. 185 car is Italian, too, if I am not mistaken. Or, it might be something with a Devin body. Still yet even more again, it might be Parravano's Ferrari 0592CM, Shelby at the wheel. The program says the entry is Ken Miles in Parravano's 4.9 Ferrari.

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