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The Pits 8: Photos
from here and there
around the raceways

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OK, so it's around the Raceway like this: in the right edge of this photo is I-8, 1965 or so. The culvert at right bottom is a tunnel under I-8. On the other (north) side of the highway is the San Diego Stadium. There were races on that parking lot, 1968. Click the upper-left corner of the photo for a deeper zoom.

This picture was made while Ferrari the racecar manufacturer was in heavy competition with Ford the auto manufacturer who used Shelby and Wyer to whup Ferrari (seen "Ford v. Ferrari", the recent Matt Damon movie?). I sent the photo to Road & Track, wondering if Ford would accept the Challenge. R&T was amused but not to the point they would find room for the photo at the back of the book.

During the time the San Diego SCCA was making Regional and National races on the Stadium lot, Vern Jaques was looking for a place to dispose of the guaranteed-to-be-broken strawbales after the event. I suggested Mr. Ferrari's still-extant but shrinking dairy farm. Vern and I went up that road to the barn, where we chatted with Mr. Ferrari and found he was amenable to having the straw strewn in his pastures.

He pointed out that a term of his eminently-domained sale of some property to CalTrans was that he not lose access to his north-of-the-freeway land. They had to build him a tunnel of sufficient size to accommodate his farm vehicles. As a matter of fact, the only access to the north-side lots was through the tunnel. And that's the way the straw went. Trivia. Extreme Trivia.

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