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The Pits 3: More Photos
from here and there
around the raceways
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South of the Southwest Corner of the Union 76 Gas Station Office
Riverside International Raceway, Early 70s

Thumbnail: Dick Guldstrand beams among the Union 76 Gas Girls    Thumbnail: Back of Guldstrand photo "...Finally Guldstrand gets into the act."

Dick Guldstrand, Corvette driver and development legend makes a nice picture with the Union 76 Gas Girls. Perched on the nose of the Chaffey College Mustang ! Those clothes!

One of four H.D.Emerson/UNOCO photos I acquired via eBay. Others are pictures of Swede Savage, George Follmer, and of Vic Elford's Chaparral Camaro. I bought the "Elford" photo as a photo of Elford, but I'm demmed if I can find him in the picture. I tried again, then put it up here and solicit assistance in picking him out of the crowd, or the shadow.

Guldstrand and the Gas Girls are close to the location of my missed photo of Al Jr. and Michael as set out on the first Pits page. It's also pretty close to the place covered by the formula car in that Union 76 gas station picture.

South of the Southwest Corner of the Goodyear Garage
Riverside International Raceway, Early or Mid-?0s


Dan Gurney's NASCAR effort disproved the assertion that all car photos are backlit at Riverside. Here you can see the Union 76 ball at the north end of the pit road/track divider, and our friend, Box Springs Mountain (915 meters).


Well, maybe not.

There's the "Tower."

Photos I got off eBay for a few bucks.


See a little "Pits" activity at Riverside and Las Vegas

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