at PlayPomona Fairgrounds, 1960…  -2-

I believe this 1958 or '59 view is across the sweeper
leading to a right turn and then to the back straightaway:

Thumbnail: view across a sweeping turn at Pomona, D-type Jag and 250GT visible

The car on the left is by shape a D-type Jaguar. No telling by simple viewing whether it is powered by the immortal Jag Six or by some Detroit iron. The car in front is a long-wheelbase Ferrari 250GT TdF in Scaglietti raiment, driven by Bill Sturgis. Photo by my brother Don.

Browsing a year 2000 Ferrari Club of UK report of some Ferrari activity at Monterey, I came across this:

"A second LWB 250 TdF appeared later in the morning. This was also a 1958 car, which now belongs to Dr. Ron Bosuttil, having previously been part of the Matsuda collection in Japan. S/N 0967 GT was first sold direct to the U.S.A. and may have been raced by Richie Ginther in some California events of that period. "

Could be, eh? Turns out the answer to that one is a resounding "NO!" An eminent researcher of such claims determined there is absolutely no evidence Ginther ever drove that car. Punto final.

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