at PlayPomona Fairgrounds, 1960  -1-

Thumbnail: MG TD in the Pomona Sweeper

I took very few pictures at Pomona, never having been there as a spectator. The motive for this photo is clear: it's an MG TD, racing. I was sitting in one.

Thumbnail: Austin Healey 100 in the Pomona sweeper

Another, and the last this day. I loved the Austin-Healey shape, its spirit, and its posture. I eventually acquired one, while in graduate school. It was a generally poor example of the breed, but I loved it and made it run very, very well.

Some time soon after I made this picture, there was a bad accident involving Bob Drake. The steering on his Ol' Yeller special broke. Unable to control the fast-moving car, he braked as fully as he could but skidded through the snow fence and into the crowd. More at "Notes".

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