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GIF: Course diagram, 1960s and 70s configuration P.L. Newman outside Turn 2, Riverside Vega Wagon at Turn 4 Vega Wagon near Turn 6 first apex Vega Wagon through Turn 5 MGB at Turn 7a exit Vega Coupe cresting Turn 7 View of flag station at Turn 7 Clouds Over The Winner's Circle View from Start/Finish area past Winner's Circle Lola in Turn One (NextRIR Page)Photo: YOBS and Conte Racing Mazda RX7 at Turn  Eight, RIRClick to see Old RIR
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To see the original of this diagram, borrowed from
North American Motorsports Pages, click this text.

To see frames from a New-RIR lap recorded on 8mm film, click HERE
To see the original 8mm film as transferred
to VHS and DVD, Click HERE

Click here to see frames from a marvelous 50s and 60s
Southern California sports car road racing film.
(The film was stolen and sold by an eBaY perp and is no longer available; there is one stolen copy on eBaY today; the owner's perspective is no longer available. Big loss for us).

Click here to see satellite photos of RIR before and after.

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