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Riverside International Raceway Requiem
Article In AutoWeek Issue Of July 25, 1988
This is RIR Pics Page 9

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            Scan: Contents page of AutoWeek's RIR requiem  issueCLICK to see an enlarged Dick Guldstrand ride of honor

I believe that is Phil Binks, an Actual Starter, in the Actual Starter's Tower, wearing a ball cap and waving an Actual Checkered Flag. Pete Lyons writes to say the lady is Marilyn Motschenbacher. Others are not identified in the magazine, and are not within my ken.    Photos: Bill Delany

    Scan: Page one of Requiem articleScan: Page two of Requiem article     

    Scan: Page three of Requiem articleCLICK tos see a larger version of the t-shirts picture  (101K)Scan: Page four of the requiem articleCLICK to see legible version  of the "Something . . ." sidebar (123K)    

    Scan: Don Hunter's Motor Trend  article about the last Riverside eventCLICK sign to see a larger version   
Don Fuller's column from the December, 1988
issue of Motor Trend Magazine

Some drive-by shots of Raceway facilities
during RIR's dismantling are on
"RIR Pics 9a" Page

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