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RIR Requiem   - 2 -
Drive-by Photos Documenting The Decline And Fall
This would be RIR Pics Page 9a

In order for this experience to appear to you as it did to me, you must begin at the right bottom of the panel of four snapshots.
Conveniently, there is a number "1" at that location.

Margarita and I were headed from San Diego to some vacation destination or other and the route took us through the US (2)15/60 interchange region. We went east along Allesandro Boulevard to Day Street, then north to the Raceway property. We looked right and saw . . . (go to "1")

         4             3

After a right turn to the on-ramp from Day Street to US 60 East. There is the sad marquee sign bearing a message, "Moreno Valley (unintelligible)." One last futile view south across the Turn Six-Turn Eight NASCAR straight is also accessible from the RIR Pics 3b Page. Go to the Overlay page for more on the current usage of the Old Racing Ground.     Too bad

At the viewer's back is the length of Eucalyptus Street. The building at right—an equipment barn. Raceway headquarters is either gone or hidden behind the bushes. The sign at left says, ". . . ncrete . . ." A golf driving range occupies the acreage to the right of this street, now an access route to home for hundreds of condo-dwellers. I've a similar view in a photo taken in February, 2002.     To "4"
         2               1

With the Tower's frame slipping out of the picture, you can see the business and maintenance center of RIR is still active, but to a different purpose: the end of an exceptionally vivid era in not only California, but international racing. Think of the drivers and teams who began or had successes here . . .    To "3"

In a place where we always expected to see the "Tower," just a skeleton, and the stub that was Timing and Scoring. You know from other photos that the officials' place of work was elevated above the level of a grandstand at Start-Finish, and that the wind blew under it. Now it blew through as the dismantling progressed.       Go to "2"

Sundown at/for Riverside International Raceway
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