JPG: RIR Logo jacket patch
Turn 7, Riverside, 1974
Photo: Vega Coupe in Turn 7, RIR

Another pro-photo print I couldn't resist.
This, too, is pretty old.

I guess I spent more pedal-to-the-metal time at RIR than any other place. I can run laps there in my imagination/memory, easily and enjoyably. I have 8mm and Super8 movies made from inside the car: here, Ontario, Holtville, Willow Springs, and the Old Tijuana Airport. I run those once in a while, too.

To see frames from an lap recorded on 8mm film, click HERE

This Turn 7, 7-a series is (was... sigh) one of the most difficult and exciting places on the track. The only one I've driven  that approaches it is 3-4-5 at Willow. Here at Seven you arrive at near top speed, brake going up a hill, and if you have any kind of grip at all, can release the braking for a split second at the crest, and brake some more at about the spot you turn in. That's where the car is in this photo. In the background are the Turn 6 bleachers and one of the many Datsun 510 sedans that populated these events. It's the small white dash near the center bottom of the bleachers.

Clickable Thumbnail: the "John Morton" Datsun 510 racer

When I was flagman at this turn (remember that 1961 picture above? That's the place) I could look into the cockpits of the open cars and see their technique. Stirling Moss came through there driving a Sunbeam Alpine (Oh, yes he did!  Click  H E R E  for a 37K proof!). His head, torso, and shoulders were cool, calm, straight-arm style as he slid the little convertible around. His feet were tap-tap-tapping the brakes, clutch and accelerator in lightning moves, belying the car's smooth arc.

More VEGA on-track photos

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