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VEGA Kammback  on the tracks

Thumbnail: VEGA wagon in Riverside Turn 5

         Turn 5, Riverside International Raceway, 1971
Photo by Dick Bame, whose name I may or may not have remembered correctly. One of several prints I bought from him. These guys (photographers) were from the same tribe as those who place themselves along marathon routes and rough water ride courses. It must be worthwhile. I certainly appreciated them.

I drove this car 60,000 miles, a couple of thousand of them as fast as it would go on race tracks and autocross courses, without major problems. Dick Guldstrand, Corvette driving and development legend, made a few laps in it at Riverside, and pronounced it underpowered, but otherwise "pretty good." In this car, on Formula 1 front tires (Mexico City surplus Dunlops), I held the Solo I B-Sedan lap record at Willow Springs (you could look it up).

Here's a copy of results from that November 25-26, 1972 Solo I Time Trial at Willow Springs. Although they list the Vega in A-sedan, the rule book for the next year showed the 1:56:23 as Solo I lap record in B-sedan.

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions.

Thumbnail:  Willow Solo I results page 1   Thumbnail:  Willow Solo I results page 2


A less intimate view of the Kammback:  at the exit of Turn Two, riding the crest of the adrenalin wave and looking by this time past the left-edge notch of Turn Three at the Turn Four apex. That spot on the track was a place where the right side wheels were relatively unloaded. Even the lightweight cars customarily hung a wheel out over the edge, dragging some dirt onto the asphalt at every pass.

Eventually there was a good-sized ditch along the inside of the turn. Not much dirt lifted out of it then, but it required another decision: was the straighter, theoretically faster line worth the upset of that inside wheel dropping into the depression and bouncing back out? I don't know, but it seemed to me I could feel forward momentum, the most precious of all commodities for a Vega, draining away in the down-and-up-and-down motions engendered by dropping the corner of the car in the hole, so my custom and practice was to leave just half the tire width hanging over. *

I'm not sure if this picture is from the same weekend as the nice shot at the top of the page. This one is obviously made on a cheap camera and I can't distinguish enough to say. I have photos showing three distinct number designs on the Kammback at Riverside.

That grandstand up there is the same backdrop seen in the P.L. Newman photo on another page.

*The #43 Petty photo showing an elevated right front tire is another fine effort among Mike Smith's Riverside International Raceway and other racing photos that can be seen at this Web site: Turbo's Racing Photos

Thumbnail: Kammback approaches Turn Six, long view of Esses to Four

Another long view, this giving some perspective on the Turn Four through Five section of the Esses, seen from a spot near Six first apex. See a reverse view in the advertisement at RIR Pictures page 3.

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