May 8, 2022:
Setting down the names of Juvenile Hall workers in the order I remember them: That is to say, in no particular order on any possible continuum. My intention is that the people have at the very least one instance of their name launched into the Web for Eternity. No one should be so ignored that there is no example of a confluence between their beings and the currents, backwaters, and eddies of the electronic universe.

Left three columns are individuals with whom I had a co-worker or other tangential relationship during my eleven years at the Hall. Right side are names suggested, but that might not quite fit in left-side columns. Not to say some of the right-handers shouldn't be lefts, but that I just don't have any memory of contact while I was working at the Hall. Later on, yes, many.

I think there is no need to apologize for any spelling errors or duplications, only for omissions (which will be corrected, we hope, right?).

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Doug Aebischer
Denny Aiken
Mike Anderson
William Morgan                 Anderson +
Bob Armstrong

Frank Baker
Ron Barkett
Ann Barnett
Pete Bartelt
Don Bass
Gary Bass
George Bauer
Gary Beal
Bill Bean
Pete Beres
Don Bertram
Bill Blanas
Terry Bowers
Nancy Hadlock Emami

Bill Bray
Dennis Brown
Tom Bullock
Pete Burgert
Ed Burk

Rudy Celaya +
Ray Chaney
Joe Charles
Dick Clark
Sharon Clark
Tony Clark
Laurie Clemens Marsha Cline
David Cohen
Richard Colavin
Syd Cole
Chuck Collins
Kent Colwell
Bill Cowell
Jim Crockett -
     the Car dealer
Martha J. Crockett                (Miss)
Alan Crogan
Buzz Crosby

Joey Dambrose
Ron Damschen
Frank Davis
Jack Davis
John H Davis
Dick Dean
Ellen DelValle
Leonard DeSanti
Linda Smith Duffy

Richard (Dick)                 Emerick
Ken "Butch"          Engelbrecht +
Tony Esquivel +

John Ferris
Dave Figg
"Doc" Foley -
   the ex-corpsman
Richard Fowler
Valen T French
Al Fulton

Gar Gautsche -
         the CHP guy
Judy Mullen                Giebelman +
Stu Giebelman
Niki Garrido
Mike Garvey
Mike Gentry
Jerry Gerard
Larry Githens
Phil Gorman +
Charlie Green
Bob Grimes
Dwight Griswold

Bob Haley
John Halstead
Bobby Hatcher
Betty Hanger
Will Hanger
Carl Havner
Charles Hemphill
Rick Hermann
Jimmy Hight
Darrell Hill +
Bryce Hodges
Jack Hoog
Dave Hopkins
Ron Hoyt - 
  the basketball guy
Bill Johnson
Randy Jones

Don Karg
Judy Keep
Bea Kellogg
Lloyd Kelsey
George Khort -
           the artist
Jim Kime
Bob Kreger

Richard Lamb
Jim Leishman
Adele Frattaroli                 Leonard
Mr Leonard
Dick Ligon
Joe Linges
Lolita Lizárrga
Mike London
Mae Lou
Buck Lovelette

Carol McCown
Don McLellan
Jim McClelland
Lesley McClelland
Larry McCormick
Martin David               McGlinn
Tim McKinney
Roger McMasters
Cliff McReynolds - ARTIST for real +
Offutt Tasman
           McWilliams +

Sid Marcy
Karen Marsh
Gayla Matthews
Tom Meierbachtol
Jack Meltzer
Kim Merino
Virgil Michael
Dave Minor
Sylvia Mize
Norma Montgomery

Lloyd Nakamura
Dan Nielsen
Jon Nielsen
Dot Nielsen
Rocky Nobile
Richard Noonan
John "Wallie"

- Hulda Gregory
- Ann McGehee
- "Kitty" Thompson
    the Nursin' Person

Dan O'Roarty
Larry Ortiz

Howard Page
Gene Palm
Jack Palmer
Pauline Palomino
John Pergrin
Bill Peterson
Pam Pinkerton
Jim Poe
Dave Price
Chuck Primeau
Laurie Primeau
Dwight Putnam

Bruce Radabaugh
Oscar Ray Romero
Don Royal

Gabe Saliba
Dennis Santiago
Jim Schaffer
Jerry Scheidel
Herb Schickler
Jerry Scholl
Larry Shackel
Ed Silva

John Sinderholm
Bob Sirota
Bob Skidmore
Dallas Smith
Marv Smith
Mike Specht
Rolph Spicer
Steve Stapel
Sandy Stapel
Dan Steinell -
        the U-80 joker
Terry Starr
Cecil Steppe
Jerry Storm
Lon Swank
Bill Swank

Mickey Taylor
David Thornton
John Toomey
Dick Trost
Frank Trusso

Ray Valente
Robert Vaughn
Rick Villalores
Ted Vinson

Don Wadsworth
Virginia Walton
Wayne Watkins
Bob Weckerly
Dennis Wheeler
Barry Whorle
Jannette Wilde
Doug Willingham
Bud Wilson
Lance Wilson
Mike Wise
David Wright

Don Yale

Marcia Zandi

Patti Adams
Michael Adkins
Jim Allen
Kathy Alvarez
Ron Anderson
Tuna Fa’ Apuli’

Carol Baenziger Nancy Bailey
Heidi Barajas
Joe Barajas
Phil Batagllia
Bill Bauer
William Billburg
Mike Blanco +
Don Blevins
Alice Bloom
Jack Breckenridge
Mike Breckenridge
Wayne Brewton
Henry Brown
Tom Bunkley

Loretta Calfee
Margie Cameron Electra Carpenter
John Carpenter
Calvin Carter
Willie Castillo
Al Celaya
Joseph F
         Cristarella +
Roger "Bossman"      Christianson
Ron Claussen
Bea Clay
Ruth Clevenger
Cheryl Connel
Marilyn Cornell
Scott Countryman
Emery Crite
Bob Crumrine

Everrit Daniel's
Linda Davidson
Glenn Davis
Jo Lynn Hanson
George Dean
Debbie Deusler
Percell Downes
Lisa Duchow
Steve Duncan

Mike Earl
Michael Epps
Matt Erb
Mike Espinosa
Terri Estep
CJ Evans
Susan Evans

Rick Fairchild
Terry Fick
Howard the Nurse      Fortenberry
Randy Freid
Joe Fuentes

Crystal Garcia
Jose Garcia
Terry Gaughen
Sharon Gibney
Lee Gilbert
Sherry Gilbert
David Giles
Beverly Gilliam
Kim Gipson
Tammie Glowacki
Ignacio "Nacho"         Gomez
Linda    Gonzales- gutierrez
Abe Gonzalez
Enrico Gorman
Valarie Green
Karen Grennan
Dennis Griffin

Mary Happer
Joe Hart
Kent Hekel
John Hensley
Ester Hoffman
Dan Howard
Shirley Hull
Colin Hydorn

Gaylord Jackson
         ‘Mo’ Jackson +
Elmer Jefferson Kenyon Jenkins
Edward "Pete"
               Judy +

Patrick Kendrick
John Kennedy
Marcy Kirk

Dave Labadie
Tracy Landry
Bob Langmaid
Lesini Latu
Jessica Latumeten
Margaret Layne          - teacher
Leo Ledbetter
Alejandro Leos
Maurice Lewis
Lolita Lizzáraga
Barbara Logan

Jim McDermott
Delmont McClain
Don McClellan
Ann McLevie (sp?)
John McVey

Cari Machado
Terry Mason -
          PE teacher
George Matz
Polly Merickle
Billie Meshack
Ernestine Moody
Brian Morris
Will Morris
Margaret Mudd
Dionne Murphy

Gwen Nicholson
John Nimsgern +

Dale O'Brian
Eloy Olivas
Corrine Olson
Wren Osborne

Jeff Parish
Dell Pearson
Kim Pelot
Sharon Petkusky
Candace Pilato
Jamie Powers

Ray Ramsey
Juanita Rangel
Dan Rapport
Susan Ready
Domingo Ricasa
Alva Rios
Jean Rob
Jose Rodriguez Oscar Rosales
Rosa Rowell
Chuck Rudolph
Kristi Rudy
Robert Ruiz in 300

Pixie Saiz
Marco Salas
Ben Sanchez
Mike Schaad
Susan SE
Barbara Sealey
Bob Smith
Denise Stolte
Susan Brooks
Robby Storton
Jason Sullivan

Justice Taylor
Christopher J.
        Thomas +
Scott Thompson
Frank Toledo
Jim Toothacher
Lee Trefzger
Saia Tuitahi

Cathy Valdarama
Raul Valdarama
Jack Valente
Stu Varone
Elaine Villapondo Elizabeth Vogel           (Santillan?)
Aristo Von Hoffman

Rob Walford
Tim Ware
Leo Weidenbenner
Charlotte Welch
Genene Wilburn
Jack Wilson
Pamela Winter
Joe Wright

Dave Young

May 8, 2022:
I have mental images of a few more, some with vivid—not always pleasant—tales attached, but have failed to recall the names by now. I might add them as the memory improves, or jot down a key characteristic of those already listed (try the +s). And, I'll be grateful to anyone who'd supplement my roster of JH workers, on Facebook 2901, or at

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