LARGER Models and a Ferrari Windfall
These are displayed in a "Barrister's Bookcase" and represent a selection
from about fifty Non-1/43-scale models that I couldn't resist

Testa Rossa similar to the one I watched as it
won the 12 Hours of Sebring, in March 1958,
driven by Peter Collins and Phil Hill

Ferrari 250GT
California Spider
a desirable road car and a bargain model

Jaguar XK120, similar to one I drove
in Little Rock AR in 1958 or so, exercising it while
the owner was overseas defending the country
(and similar to the one my mother wanted to buy in 1960)

Buick 1949 Roadmaster convertible, as seen in
a Dustin Hoffman movie, "Rain Man"

- couldn't find a useful Super four-door like we had

Plymouth Valiant 1963 or so, like the one
we drove for more than ten years

Ford 1949 station wagon, just because
I had a Tudor of that year

Shelby Mustang GT350, like the one I sat in
the week they came out - the model was a gift

Chevrolet VEGA Coupe, representing four we owned
two of which I raced on Classic SoCal road courses

Streetcar "Fruit Salad" version like many I rode
getting around Los Angeles in the 1950s and '60s

MG 1947 TC Midget, a car that "started it all"

A Carroll Shelby diptych, autographed
and with a 1/43 Cobra stuck to it

Vintage square car not identified
Can't imagine why it's here

Pierce-Arrow1936 Sedan 1601 with
Pierce - Arrow 1937 Travelodge trailer
These are sold as separate items
I saw one/one-scale
versions at the Nethercutt Museum

MGB/GT We had a Grampian Gray 1967
Slalomed extensively and raced at Playas de Tijuana

MGB roadster, we had the mid-blue 1967
Slalomed extensively and raced at Playas de Tijuana

This case came with all but three of those Ferraris in it
I was quick on the EbAy trigger, and made a marvelous purchase

Three of the original contents were replaced by:

The racing car No. 8, upper left corner,

is especially rare, and might be valuable;

the lower left corner has Phil Hill's signature on the box;

I'm at a loss to explain the lower right corner - it's not in my database.
Yes, it is: "Ferrari 250 TR Phil Hill Mugello"

The displaced cars are merged into the other 164 Ferraris in my collection
(yes, one hundred sixty-four, plus the one not accounted for).

Photos ©

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These images are added to give an idea of where in the house the wall-mounted
displays were located. Four of them have been moved to the den wall,
below the big bookcase. Photo follows. A click on an image
will call forth a Large View; a second click reveals a
REALLY BIG picture, an invitation to pixel-peeper activity.

The four above the sofa are, left to right,
Cabinet 4 (Four), Cabinet 2 (Two), Cabinet 5 (Five), and Cabinet 1 (one).
<<<   Model Quest Wall-mount Cabinets  1    2    3    4    5    6   OTHER

Barrister bookcase has not been moved (yet). It still stands
near the corner (to our left rear) opposite the front door, seen at the
right edge of the wall-mount picture. The contents have been shifted
and enhanced, with the Large trolley car, Pierce-Arrow, and MG TC demoted to
shadow shelves at bottom. Same click-for-GIANT-SIZE warning applies.

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