This is the Fourth Model Quest I Display Cabinet
with incidental acquisitions

Maserati Indy #1 - 1940Maserati Indy #2 - "1950" (I don't think so) (the year, I mean)Ferrari Thinwall Special, or some suchPlymouth Valiant - 1962- by Trax, from AustraliaFIAT Ferrari transporter, 1963 or soFerrari F-1, details to follow"Deuce-and-a-half" WWII era - I called 'em "Six-by"Auto Union Type D - 1930sMercedes-Benz Indy racer - 1940sM-B racer - details to followM-B racer - details to followIndy racer 1:64 scale - details to followGrant Piston Ring Special Indy Ferrari - early 50s -  deserves a page or two itselfNice Ford racer's truck, purple in real lifeDeSoto - 50s - by Buby (Argentina) one third of the  '49 Ford dealChrysler - 40s - also Buby, the third third (Hank Defields' parents had a Plymouth that looked like this; happy days)Cadilla V-16 coupe - '38 I thinkLaSalle - '38 - there is some story about this model and its original, but I forget; presidential parade car, maybe?Mercury convertible - 50s - UGLY; reminded me of the monstrosity touring RIR in the DNF video . this one has a CLICKable linkThis is the Ferrari 290MM as driven  by Fangio to Fourth in the 1956  Mille Miglia

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Can you see what they are? Can you see what a problem it will be to photograph a mirror-backed display case? In order to eliminate a reflection of the camera/photographer I set up off-center and made the box "square" with Photoshop's crop tool. The principal deleterious effect is seen in distortions like the cars at the right edge of the box, and of the "Barrister" bookcase on the other wall. On top of that case, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes figures. Did you know George Clooney and Gary Condit (to mention two notorious examples) had parts in that picture?

How about that lighting? A mix of reflected halogen and window light is difficult for the white-balancer to sort out. More learning.

Top shelf, back row: the 1:64 red Road Runner, nice little model displaced by the larger, whiter one in Cabinet One; a Studebaker Golden Hawk, green and green in color; a five-seven Chevy convertible; top of a Jaguar Mk II sedan, as raced by Grime Ill; gray-green 1955 Buick convertible, displaced by the white and blue one in CabOne.

Front row: the hand-built, expensive, very pleasing Gurney AAR Barracuda from 1970; Mark Donohue Sunoco Ferrari 612, Minichamps I think; Lola T70 Spyder from the late-middle 60s; Lola T70 coupe, same era. I'd forgotten how voluptuous those last two were until I was doing some minor look-up over the Steve McQueen photo on Pits 4.

Middle shelf: a flock of Ford GT40s, another of those that crept up on me. The red one is a "street" car, much like the new release (sure it is), and I'll eventually learn which event each is drawn from. A Shelby GT350, early type, like I sat in and marveled at when they came out. It had no back seat, and the suspension components (notably the orange shock absorbers) intruded into the interior. The convertible is a later red GT350. A '56 Ford T-Bird with removable porthole hardtop, Franklin Mint. Another Buby Collectors Classics '53 Ford hardtop. Fords. Yup.

Bottom shelf, back row: yet another refugee from CabOne, this a red Triumph TR7 coupe, gray interior, displaced by my white (home-converted) drophead; duplicate of the Eagles Race Chinese red MGB racer #47, larger version on the CabThree page; duplicate of the Dinky Chinese orange GT MGB, Cab3.

Front row: a very, very, VERY rare Morris Minor Traveller, red in color, and —close to—unique (call me if you see another one); neat-o BMW Isetta bubble car, a bit large for the 1:43 it purports to be; another bubble car, Messerschmitt, this time, like the ten or so I saw do a demonstration lap or two at Carrell Speedway on a Foreign Car race night in the middle-early 50s. Not many of these little bugs made it all the way around with out tipping over. Austin-Healey 3000, Unipart Rally car, nicely tricked out and not as rare as I had supposed when I bought two (three? four?) of them; lovely Lotus Elite with the Jim Clark livery. Did I say "lovely"? Devastatingly beautiful. Once again with the "full set" syndrome: MG TFs, described variously as 1953, '54, '55. Here we see a red top up, a blue racing, and a green top down. The tiny one is blue and white, and smaller than 1:87, I think. I also have one each additional of the red and green ones, and a couple of parts cars. The bonnets open to show a pretty good motor representation. A Chevrolet El Camino, because I always liked them and the idea, and you don't see that many 1:43 Ranchero-El Camino-type cars out there.

I will extract larger views as I have the opportunity; you can expect to see individual photographs as time and skills allow. My ambition is to make pictures like those 43guy Vern B. uses in many of his eBay auctions, with backgrounds and accessories appropriate to the subjects.
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